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McLoughlin Instruments
Sep-17-2013, 5:24pm

Just posting a photo of the harp mandolin I just finished. Will post a few more pics and sound cip tommorrow. More information at www.mcloughlininstruments.com

Jim Garber
Sep-17-2013, 7:29pm
A nice modern take on the Knutsen, Derek, tho you might sell it with a set of protective goggles. :) Looking fwd to hearing what it sounds like.

Sep-17-2013, 7:40pm

Sep-18-2013, 3:14am
OK, that's genuinely insane - I love it :)

What do you tune the harp strings to? In my dreams (Ha!) I'd always imagined 8-12 harp strings so you could tune them in the whole circle of 5ths thing (OK, so 8 wouldn't give you the whole circle, but would cover all the usual keys and just leave out some of the flats/sharps if you went FCGDAEBF#).

Bertram Henze
Sep-18-2013, 7:05am
How do you chop with that? :grin:

Jim Garber
Sep-18-2013, 8:55am
I think you can tune the harp strings to the most used bass notes of the key you are in.

Lots more to look at here (http://www.harpguitars.net/history/org/org-related.htm).

I am sure that Gregg Miner will find you, Derek, to put some pics of yours on his page. Of you could contact him.

Sep-18-2013, 10:36am
Cool! Can we hear this?

McLoughlin Instruments
Sep-18-2013, 4:11pm
Thanks everyone for the comments. I just posted a sound sample at the below link


Sorry for the ropey playing its just to give an idea of what it sounds like. Its tuned at the moment to CDEF GDAD

Jim Garber
Sep-18-2013, 4:31pm
Nice, Derek. I like it!!

Sep-18-2013, 8:31pm

Happy gnome
Sep-22-2013, 3:41am
It's so mad, I just can't help but love it!

Sep-22-2013, 9:56am
really cool sounding - I imagine you could build the harp part as octave or unison courses

I've seen a few harp guitar performances , Micheal Hedges for one, his was electric

I would like to see more mando harps.

Pete Jenner
Sep-22-2013, 11:29am
Very nice.

Jake Wildwood
Sep-22-2013, 5:12pm
The coolest bit is just how good it sounds... :)

Sep-23-2013, 10:19am
Nice. Thanks for the soundclip.

Sep-23-2013, 1:50pm
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!