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Feb-16-2005, 3:44am
Hello to all, this is my first posting in this message board.
Last week I was lucky in buying am mandolin by German luthier Paul Hums. As I did not find any information about Paul Hums in this forum I think it is good to post a picture of this mandolin here. This mandolin is about 30 years old (ca. 1975).
When I played in Basel (Switzerland) in the mandolin orchestra in the 70s Paul Hums was very famous for his mandolins and especially his mandolas. I owned a Paul Hums mandola, but I sold it many years ago.
More pictures of the paul Hums mandolin can be found at
Photo Album of Paul Hums Mandolin (http://www.mandoisland.de/album_paul_hums/index.html)

Feb-16-2005, 9:08am
Wow What a BEAUTIFUL Instrument. How do you hold this baby without it getting away from you ? Would love to hear what it sounds like. Thanks very nice post.

Jim Garber
Feb-16-2005, 10:17am
Does Paul Hums still make instruments? I thought there was a discussion about a Hums mandolin some time ago in the Classical section, but it was by Willy Hums of Markneukirken.


Bob A
Feb-16-2005, 8:18pm
A very elegant instrument indeed.

Martin Jonas
Feb-17-2005, 6:13am
Very nice instrument, and on the additional photos on your web site one can see the fluted ribs. It also seems to have side openings, similar to those on the old de Meglios (and the new Gilchrists), presumably to allow the player to get more of the projected tone. It's not quite clear on the photos though whether it's a real opening into the bowl or just a recess in the binding.


Feb-17-2005, 9:30am
As far as I know, Paul Hums died in the 70s or 80s. I have also seen the post about the Willy Hums Mandolin, but I do not know if the two are relatives.

The Hums mandolin does not have side openings, maybe the cover looks like it is an opening.

I got this mandolin stringed with (heavily used) Thomastik strings, I have just stringed it with a set of light bronze strings, but these seem to be too light. I will string it with medium type strings in the future.

The sound is very clear and bright on the higher strings, on the lower strings I would wish to have a little more volume. I did not have the time to play much on this mandolin, but I will do so next weeks. Compared to my Calace mandolin the sound is less powerfull (although the Calace has a smaller body), but anyway very nice.