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Perry Babasin
Sep-17-2013, 12:25pm
Well, after the success of the MK project seen in my avatar, I've been looking around to see what to do next. I have a Saga A kit to build and finish but then this came up...


I'll get around to building something soon, but I couldn't pass this up. The Loar LM-600, probably not VS although I'm thinking about a subtle burst that will show wood grain. I like an elegant black face (with beautiful wood back and sides) but I love to see the wood grain. Some of these modern "vintage" bursts are just a little too dark for my taste. In the process of stripping the front and back I noticed that there is indeed a subtle recurve that was kind of filled in with finish, like it dried laying down horizontal. I am making it a bit more pronounced and crisping up the scroll as well, and while I was at it I scooped the extension. I hope that the voice is improved as much as the MK "O".

The MK finish was bullit proof, but this stuff is coming off much easier. A little carefully and strategically placed acetone, softens the finish enough to scrape and then sand off pretty quickly without harming the binding. The back is not as highly flamed as the MK, but it is actually more than you are seeing here, and finished right I think it will be very beautiful. The top pictures show what I bought, no case or hardware. I'll keep you posted...


Sep-17-2013, 1:04pm
love the blonde look and what you are able to do with some of these "outcasts"

btw if you ever come across a usable neck for an MK octave let me know - mine is snapped
an overambitous project for the likes of me, but maybe I'll learn something in the process.

Perry Babasin
Nov-04-2013, 4:33pm
OK... back with a little update. The front wood was very splotchy and took the dye badly. The rest of the wood was very beautiful however so I decided to emulate the Weber that I saw and fell in love with...


A few strange things, I messed up the binding a little bit in one spot and portions of the scroll side wood looks like Dr. Frankenstein's mandolin with pieced together blocks, not covered by the veneer of side wood. They also used some kind of black epoxy putty knowing it was going to be a dark sunburst (also, hence the blackface). I think they sprayed a little spot yellow-orange on the front and back and a few strategic spots on the side and sprayed the rest black. I used black aniline dye and sprayed a light coat of wax free shellac sanding sealer, and I'm going to finish it with tru-oil. The flame is very lively in person the back is subtle but crazy and I love that color! --Cheers!

Dec-13-2013, 8:37pm
Thanks for the information I'm going to do my The Loar VS 600 someday but I don't know what finish I'll be using

I really like the look of yours.....Good Job......so you just used acetone, putty knife and sand paper.....how long did the acetone soak on the finish......PS I'm going to pick your brain if that's OK....I'm very excited

Perry Babasin
Dec-13-2013, 11:12pm
Thanks, this mandolin has actually gone through a lot of changes...