View Full Version : 2000s Gypsy's Music Teadrop Mando

Jake Wildwood
Sep-15-2013, 11:38am
I picked this up in trade the other day -- a good practical mandolin with a "modern Celtic" or "bandolim" sort of voicing and feel. I don't think it was played a whole lot and the original adjustable bridge had been swapped out with a curious mandola-compensated bridge, but after popping in a typical rosewood adjustable and giving it a good setup, I was pretty impressed.

FYI, the gouges to the edges of the fretboard near the frets... not my work... I always tape off. :)

Here's the blog post (http://antebelluminstruments.blogspot.com/2013/09/c2009-gypsys-music-teardrop-mandolin.html).






Sep-16-2013, 3:39am
Nice, I wonder if Walt remembers that one?

Looks like someone went at it with a guitar-sized fret file at some point.... got to love your local guitar tech!

Sep-17-2013, 6:23pm
While I enjoy all of your write-ups, I was particularly interested in this one as the owner of a 2007 Gypsy. I can certainly see the family resemblance in teardrop shape and body depth, although mine is the blonde relative with Englemann over maple. It also has what I believe to be the original tuners as well as the tailpiece requiring ball end strings. Will this one be going up for sale on your site?

Jake Wildwood
Sep-19-2013, 5:57am
I was planning to get it up for sale last night but a Mr. Ivan picked it up from me, MandolinCafe hat on head, yesterday afternoon. He'd of course only stopped by to drop a mandolinetto off for repair... :)