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Keith Newell
Feb-14-2005, 8:42pm
This is a one peice Sika spruce top with grain running wide to thin, One peice Big leaf maple quartersawn back. Pretty much identical after that to the other posting of the A style. One difference besides the top wood is this one has a bone nut and the first one has a Fossilized walrus ivory nut. Tone is great and I knew it was a winner when my daughter said "OW! that one hurts my ears."
But then again maybe it was my playing http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif
Keith Newell

Keith Newell
Feb-14-2005, 8:43pm
Another top shot.

Keith Newell
Feb-14-2005, 8:45pm
A better shot of the grain. Thanks Bruce at Orcas Island tonewoods for the tops.

Keith Newell
Feb-14-2005, 8:46pm
Now the back.

Keith Newell
Feb-14-2005, 8:49pm
This shows the contrast between the binding and sides/burst.
The headstock is the same as the other one. I have pretty much settled on this style of headstock for my A styles but can do custom ones if needed.
What do you think? I'm torn between colorings like the other 1st A style or bursts like this one. What do most people like?

Scotti Adams
Feb-14-2005, 9:05pm
They both look real nice Keith..

Feb-14-2005, 11:19pm
i like the new signature tail piece. #the simple point style of head stock is good solid design; makes a statement, but doesn' have to get too fancy about it. #i think the tortise binding gets a bit lost in the dark part of the burst. #its cool close up, but you just can't see it from a distance.

Feb-15-2005, 5:32pm
You're doing nice work, are you selling them yet?