View Full Version : Hanging out after first coats of finish "june" #42 and #43

Sep-07-2013, 5:09pm
Here are a couple pics of A5#42 and F5#43 hanging out drying after the first couple coats of satin varnish. walter johnson106461106462106463106464

Sep-07-2013, 5:30pm
Fraternal twins, looking good

Sep-07-2013, 11:18pm
Beautiful! How long does it take you to normally make a mandolin?

Sep-08-2013, 8:21am
How long does it take you to normally make a mandolin?

There's nothing "normal" about the makers or the makings of a mandolin. :grin:

Len B.
Clearwater, FL

Sep-08-2013, 2:13pm
hi Len, so true! mando building is definitely a passion and labor of love. for me its the never ending quest to build the perfect instrument. "normal " is never being totally satisfied with the result,i seem to always find something to do better or try different on the next one. zim_of_rite the length of time to build usually depends on what all projects I have going on at a given time,but i would have to say about three months. the finishing process taking the longest time. walter

William Smith
Sep-08-2013, 3:18pm
Hope no bugs get on em. Just joking but what would ya do in that case? be shame if a swarm of skeeters flew into em. Very nice lookin horns, love the old timey lookin finish, Great job.

Sep-09-2013, 7:15am
bluegrasser78, they were sprayed inside and taken outside after they tacked up. I have been known to spray outside on the perfect sunny, windless, morning at least the first couple coats in the finishing process.but the last coats in the spray booth