View Full Version : Newto me Eastman MD-315

Sep-02-2013, 4:24pm
Just picked this up today

Sep-02-2013, 7:01pm
I got a used 615 last spring and could not be happier. The sound and sustain is fantastic, I hope yours serves you well.

Sep-02-2013, 7:04pm
Of all the "affordable" brands, I think the Eastman finishes are the best. welcome to the Eastman club

PS - the shirt in my picture is still around. the hair, however, is mostly gone

Sep-02-2013, 8:57pm
That looks beautiful!

Jim Ferguson
Sep-02-2013, 9:04pm
Sweet mando Coop......enjoy.
PS........I grew up across the harbour in Dartmouth & Shearwater......:-) Hope Al's well there in NS.

Franc Homier Lieu
Sep-03-2013, 6:07am
Yep, gotta say the Eastman 300s, A and F, photograph better than just about any other mandolin in that range.

Sep-03-2013, 2:55pm
Sweet mando Coop......enjoy.
PS........I grew up across the harbour in Dartmouth & Shearwater......:-) Hope Al's well there in NS.

Cool. I'm actually in Porters Lake on the Eastern Shore.

Franc, I think it's the matt finish - less glare. However Eastman's own images on their www suck.

Teleman, I agreed - the sustain. Makes it so much easier to play, especially when your pinky finger isn't all that strong on the 6th, 7th, 8th ...frets.

Sep-06-2013, 10:53am
I've played 5 different eastman MD315's and they are just about the most overlooked mandos out
there. Great tone above and below the 7th fret and they have a great traditional bark plus
enough volume and sustain for anybody!

Sep-07-2013, 5:40am
This sounds better to me every day. I don't know if it's acclimating to its new enviroment or if the strings were just too new or if...I don't know.

I had been using a very thin flexible pick with the Epiphone because it seemed to respond better to a thin pick and the celtic stuff I like to play seems to sound better tinny rather than woody.

But I've been using a (Dunlop) 207 a couple days now, getting used to it again (it's like a 2x4 between the strings at first) and I'm getting the tone I like now and my speed back up.

Still getting used to the strap ttached around the scroll too. Feels really awkward. I'mtrying wearing it a little higher.

Did anyone have a lot of trouble when fisrt playing, keeping the pick in and around the sweet spot? I've been doing this for years now and still gravitate toward the bridge when picking :(

Jan-25-2014, 6:21am
Still loving this mandolin, but the tuners have GOT to go. They seem smooth enough until they just about reach the perfect pitch and then they feel stuck :( Difficult to fine tune.

I suppose there could be a bit of binding at the nut but I haven't had the strings off yet to lubricate said nut.

I recently put new strings on the Epiphone. It was way way overdue and likely the reason I was somewhat displeased with it. Boy it sounds different compared to the Eastman. Louder than I remember it. Sounds nice still overall but the D strings sound...I dunno, loose? Sounds like a guitar.

Gene Summers
Jan-25-2014, 11:56am
Glad you have been enjoying your MD315, I bought one last month, and love it too. I agree, the tuners are not easy to turn when the tension gets higher, near standard tuning. A set of Grovers would do very well on these mandolins. I also resist changing strings, such a hastle, IMHO. Glad your Epiphone is starting to bark some too, I love those kinds of surprises!

Mike Arakelian
Jan-25-2014, 5:07pm
My new 315 came in yesterday. I had to let it sit overnight to warm up and got it out today. It's an upgrade from my starter, and I'm happy with it so far. I'll second the notion that the tuners aren't the best. I had hoped they would be good enough to live with, but I'm not so sure. Does anybody know if the Grover 309's will drop in or will some drilling and filling be required?