View Full Version : My new Strad O Lin

Aug-31-2013, 4:08pm
This is my new mando, purchased on eBay but which was also listed in the Cafe Classifieds. I'm told it is a 50s model, but I haven't been able to find the date stamp yet.

Aug-31-2013, 4:28pm
It could be a fairly late model (from the '50s)... The script lettering style on the headstock is suggestive of roughly that era... The "cloud" tailpiece may or my not be from that era... Maybe someone knows for sure... But it appears to be a really nicely preserved instrument. Congratulations.

I would like to hear your thoughts on a comparison with your Flatiron Cadet tone-wise.

Randi Gormley
Sep-03-2013, 9:49am

It looks pretty much like mine, which is date stamped 1952. I posted pictures of it on the strad-o-lin social pages once upon a time, you can probably still find them there. FWIW, I had the bridge replaced last year or so (to a solid bridge sted of the adjustable, which was original on my strad) because someone did a poor neck reset and the string height was kinda high. Since then, I've also had the tuners replaced with gotoh's.

Sep-03-2013, 9:52am
I like those plain finishes, something about em'