View Full Version : Early 80's Washburn SN-7

Aug-30-2013, 1:58pm

My early 80's Washburn SN-7 finally arrived the other day. I set it up with a Randy Wood bridge and an Orrico tailpiece (I thought the art nouveau style would compliment the mandolin well) and filed the nut down a little. Aesthetically it's based off the old Lyon & Healy classical mandolins I'm not sure if structurally its the same but it does seem to have a very bright crisp bowlback tone but also loud and woody compared to something like an Eastman which rings a little more. Overall I think I like it, I can already play along with Andy Statman and Jethro Burns a lot better with it compared to my F hole Loar 600. If I decide I really like it in a couple months I might bring it in and have bigger frets put on and the neck radius ed.

Aug-30-2013, 2:59pm
nice - always liked the L&H style.

Aug-31-2013, 7:01am
I have lusted after one of those for some time. Nice!!!

Sep-05-2013, 8:00pm
That looks great! I have one of those that i bought new in the early 80's. It is the darker finish though.

If you figure out to send it to, let me know, because mine needs a little work also.

Sep-07-2013, 1:17pm
Lets see some pics if you got 'em.

I took mine in the other day to get some banjo frets on and the fretboard radius ed. I take mine to Michael Walker right across the street from my work. But I'm sure there is someone closer to you, lowtone who can fix yours up