View Full Version : Eastman Oval Holes 914 & 504

Stephen Perry
Feb-13-2005, 4:14pm
Top end Eastman MD914, blonde. Rather nice action and tone. Not muddy, but still clearly an oval to play. The oblique shot really shows the color, not pink as in the image of the back.



Stephen Perry
Feb-13-2005, 4:21pm
This is the MD504 I recently had. It is really quite nice. I've just shipped it off. A shame, I was enjoying it. But at least I have the MD914 to play with!

Doug Edwards
Feb-13-2005, 4:30pm
Very nice, I really like what they did with the binding on the MD914. Nice backs too.

Feb-14-2005, 10:08pm
Nice. That purfling around the oval hole sound holes is a bit loud though isn't it? I'd like to see them tone that down a bit.
It sort of cheapens the look of these mandos in my opinion.
Others might not agree of course. Just an opinion.

Stephen Perry
Feb-15-2005, 8:07am
Purfling? The rosette? Doesn't look any gaudier to me than the usual. Many mandolins seem to have lots of inlay and such, so this one seems unadorned. Looks better on the darker finish, I would agree.

Feb-15-2005, 8:27am
I think atetone's comment refers to the boldness of the design in the rosette. It is a bit 'bling' I agree. Nice, but a bit show-off for me... Draws too much focus towards the sound hole...

How's the sound on these? And what type tailpiece is it, it looks nice!

Feb-15-2005, 9:10am
Hi Steve,
Those Eastmans look great!
I would like to add a couple questions to the list.
Do you know what the back and top woods are?
Richard http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif

Feb-15-2005, 10:39am
Agree, agree,agree, the sound hole rosette is way to bold, to much contrast to the vintage appeal of the rest of the instrument. A subtle rosette would be more appealing, perhaps a MOP ring or a simple wood rosette http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Feb-15-2005, 12:53pm
I think the rosette is beautiful.

Tom C
Feb-15-2005, 1:21pm
I thinks the diamonds are too harsh.

Stephen Perry
Feb-16-2005, 9:11am
I don't believe I have any way to change the rosette on these. Looks like it would be trouble. I suppose one could use a sharpie to tone things down. Normally I hear how the Eastmans are too plain without all the gaudy MOP and such. I suppose there's really no happy middle ground in mandolin appearance - everything made will please someone and offend another.

I have an F hole model in more of an amber blonde I think is a prettier color. I'll have to photograph it. It has been attracting complements, so perhaps it is more along the lines of what people like.

This mandolin is made of the usual spruce and maple. The wood looks nice to me. I'd certainly have used it in a violin without hesitation.

Tom C
Feb-16-2005, 9:36am
I think we are just used to the traditional Gibs*n type. It would not stop me from buying it if it played and sounded nice.

Feb-17-2005, 1:11am
Steve I certainly wasn't suggesting that YOU change the rosette.
I was just commenting that to my taste the rosette is too gaudy.
Too busy and contrasting. Too much.
A toned down rosette would appeal to me more but that is just my opinion. Meant to be a constructive comment, not a slam.
I am hoping that Eastman will continue evolving and revisit some of its' features as time goes on.
I just peeked at it again and,,,,,well,,,, no, I still don't like it.

Stephen Perry
Feb-17-2005, 8:18am
Is a bit contrasty. Goes better with the dark finish, which most of these oval holes seem to have. I like the "pumpkin" color of the blonde 815 I have a good deal better.