View Full Version : A model fretboard extension

Feb-26-2004, 1:51am
The stew-mac A5 kit comes with a fretboard extension, but the plans and video show it being cut off on the A style kit.
My question is, why cut it off? Are there any consequences to leaving it on, or better yet, reshaping it to something a little more unique?

Feb-26-2004, 7:53am
The only consequence of the extension that I know of is hitting it with your pick.

Feb-26-2004, 9:27am
My question is, why cut it off?
My question is, why put it there in the first place?
Did anybody ever use those frets?

A lot of builders still put 29 fret extensions on their fingerboards for the traditional look only for players to agonize over what to do to get rid of that "horrible pick click". Does this make sence to anyone?
Perhaps the fact that I don't think the long extender does anything good for the design of a mandolin prejudices me against it, but I'd like to hear from people who like it so I'll know why.

Chris Baird
Feb-26-2004, 10:50am
I too think the extention is unneccesary and not an essential design factor. I think mandolins look fine without it. It's like a prehensile tail.

Feb-26-2004, 11:00am
I made a stewmac A5 (1st mandolin) and I shaped the fingerboard like the Gibson Style F5, I did not cut it off. It is just your personal preference. I did scallop the end extention so I did not get a lot of "pick Click" jd

Feb-26-2004, 11:15am
Its not that I like the extension, but I don't like a square cutoff fretboard. I think the square cut looks bad on an instrument with such graceful curves. I did see a photo where someone matched the shape of the leading edge of their custom tailpiece, which really made the whole thing flow together.