View Full Version : New Loar LM 500 VS, Proud of my first.

Aug-25-2013, 9:15am
Well I am only a beginner and this is my first "nicer" Mandolin. I am really proud of it. I was looking for a new LM 520 since they seem to be one of the better rated beginner mandolins, and ended up in a local shop who had this new LM 500 VS. He ended up giving me a better deal then the LM 520 was. Its not the Gibson Lloyd signed F I dream of, but I think it will be an awesome start. I have been learning for awhile on a Craigslist Rogue A-style that I picked up for super cheap, so I understand that its a drastic comparison, but WOW, great sound and such a pretty mandolin.

Proud to be playin'!

Aug-25-2013, 9:29am
Looks purdy. Love the two piece curly maple back. I'm a flame freak anyway. I have a serious weakness for flame, quilt and even the occasional birdseye patterns.

Congratulations and happy pickin'

Gene Summers
Aug-25-2013, 2:02pm
Congratulations! You will really enjoy your new "The Loar", I've had mine (LM520VS) almost two years now, and it is really opening up. Great chop, and the tone is like butter! :)

Nov-30-2013, 12:38pm
I love my LM500....I liked my starter Kentucky 150, but stepped up quick. Enjoy!

Tom Coletti
Nov-30-2013, 1:51pm
Congrats! If I'm not mistaken, I think that the only difference between the 500 and the 520 is that the former has X-bracing and the latter has tone bars.


Bob Poole
Jun-12-2016, 5:19pm
Although this post is from a while back, I thought I'd reply.....I'm looking forward to my LM 500....I have a Loar LM600 that is great ! I just sold some equipment & decided I'd like to check out the 500...I actually had a 520 that I swapped for the 600.it was a good one but played a 600 & liked it a little better. What sold me on the 500 I guess is the scooped fretboard extension which is a feature that I like.hope you're still enjoying yours.