View Full Version : My Blue A-5 mandolin- Done!

Vernon Hughes
Aug-22-2013, 1:55pm
Finally done. I think it looks good,and it really is an incredibly loud mando for being born an hour ago. I'll get a vid up soon.

Clement Barrera-Ng
Aug-22-2013, 1:59pm
Nice! The blue shade and 'burst looks real good.

Aug-22-2013, 2:05pm
Looks awesome!

Aug-22-2013, 2:11pm

Aug-22-2013, 2:34pm
I'll get a vid up soon.

Be sure to play the blues on the vid!

Aug-22-2013, 2:49pm
It looks great! Congratulations.


Max Girouard
Aug-22-2013, 2:54pm
Nice! I like the whole blue lobster thing you've got going on!

Aug-22-2013, 3:00pm
Wow. That's really eye catching. How's the sound?

Vernon Hughes
Aug-22-2013, 6:07pm
Heres a short camera phone vid.

John Hill
Aug-22-2013, 7:44pm
Nice playing...hand aint nuthin' but a blur! Sounds good too, perfect for...bluegrass! Mwahahaaa....

Aug-22-2013, 8:07pm
Great work Vernon.

Interesting look with the Blue. Much better than I thought it was going to be.

You must be just about ready to start taking orders. If so, what do you think you might be selling for?

It must be a wonderful creative feeling building from scratch rather than rebuilding old Mandos.

Keep it up. It's working well. Great playing as well.

All the best

Aug-22-2013, 8:13pm
Nice job on blue (#2)? Good pickin' too. Is that a lobster or craw-dad on the headstock?

Vernon Hughes
Aug-22-2013, 8:57pm
Steve-0..Crawdad..The customer is from Louisiana. # 1 is a traditional sunburst.

Aug-22-2013, 9:39pm
I guess it was a special claws in the contract.

Ivan Kelsall
Aug-23-2013, 3:08am
From OS - "I guess it was a special claws in the contract.". Agggghhhhhh !!. Nice one OS.
To the OP - That's a beautiful looking mandolin,work as clean as it gets & considering it's only going to get to sound even better - Wow !,

Michael Bridges
Aug-23-2013, 4:31am
Looks and sounds beautiful! I'll admit, I was a bit dubious how a "Blueburst" would turn out, but that looks great. Nice job.

Stephen Porter
Aug-23-2013, 6:17am
Heres a short camera phone vid.

Great look, great sound, great playing!

Aug-23-2013, 7:10am
I think that's a cool looking mandolin. I think the color is great, but I really like the peghead design!


Aug-24-2013, 10:16pm
Very nice and the new owner won't have to worry about ID'ing it if its stolen!