View Full Version : I love my new EVO Gold frets on my Gibson A Mandolin

Aug-15-2013, 3:40pm
I just got my mandolin back from Jim DeCava (Bridgeport, CT) who fitted a new lighter bridge and refretted with EVO Gold frets. I really like the way they look, but I love the sound (which comes from the new bridge far more than it could come from the frets). The frets are very playable, and I'll try to remember to report back in five years how well they last.

Here are two snaps to illustrate:


Aug-15-2013, 4:43pm
Cool. That's what I'm planning on getting when it gets time for a re-fret.

Aug-15-2013, 6:12pm
Nice. Very artful pics too. Ok, we'll hold you to the report 5 years down the road...