View Full Version : Martin Backpacker mando woes...

Aug-13-2013, 10:08pm
I have been playing Mandolin since 2005. I have owned a Weber Yellowstone (I sold it but man do I miss it) and currently have a Kentucky 805. I recently purchased a Martin Backpacker mandolin. I have owned a Martin Backpacker guitar for awhile, and I love it. It sounds great for what it is, and travels on trips with me well. I bought the Backpacker mando on a whim. Is there any way to make it sound better? I don't expect it to sound as good as a full size mando, but my particular one sounds worse than other backpacker mando's i've heard. It seems real tingy sounding. Would a new tailpiece or bridge help? Perhaps move the bridge? I have searched all over the internet but have found nothing on the proper way to set one of these little critters up. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, and God bless!

Aug-13-2013, 11:26pm
Just realized I posted this in the wrong section... Oops. I reposted it in general discussion. Hopefully Scott can remove it.