View Full Version : It's not mine, but I wish it were

Jack Roberts
Feb-11-2005, 9:46pm
I gave the owner of this mandolin his first lessons in mandolin playing today. He has never played before, but inherited it from is mother.

I told him that mandolin playing is causes severe psychological damage and he should just quit now and sell the mandolin to me.

Feb-11-2005, 10:29pm
So,,, how many days locked in the basement on bread and water till he signs it over to you??

Feb-12-2005, 2:51pm
I have a 1912, But this is very very nice, and it also retains the pick guard clamp, which mine does not.

Feb-12-2005, 3:14pm
I think you should give Dan Beimborn the serial# and some pictures of it , and have him put it in the archives.

Jack Roberts
Feb-12-2005, 6:41pm
I'll send him a photo and some more information next time I get access. The serial number is 22227.

Feb-12-2005, 9:13pm
Wow! Does it play as good as it looks?

Jack Roberts
Feb-13-2005, 4:35pm
It sounds a lot like my 1958 A-5. Sweet, but not a lot of volume or complexity. Still, it has hardly been played in 90 years. I wonder if it is too late to break it in....

Feb-13-2005, 5:38pm
Sweet, those F-4s are some serious time bombs. I just sold one from the same year. Didn't want to, but I wasn't playing it and I needed some extra money to get another instrument. That old aquisition syndrome kicking in due to cabin fever.