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Aug-13-2013, 9:53am
I uploaded a few more videos of my friend playing the mandoquin. Just thought I would share them with you. Thanks!

Andy Poe
www.poestrings.com (http://www.poestrings.com)


Aug-13-2013, 9:54am


Aug-13-2013, 9:54am
One more


Marty Jacobson
Aug-13-2013, 2:14pm
Andy, this is a very cool instrument you've come up with. The execution is great, and it is definitely a new tonal option that I'm sure many people will enjoy.
It kind of bridges the gap between clawhammer banjo and mandola... very cool.

Aug-13-2013, 2:59pm
Clawhammer banjo? Was the audio really that bad? Just kidding! Thank you, Marty.

cayuga red
Aug-13-2013, 6:17pm
All three instruments are beautiful with a unique sound. And fine playing by Nathan!

MK in NC
Aug-13-2013, 8:08pm
I just watched these videos and the longer-form explanation clip on your website. These are very fine-looking and fine-sounding instruments. It's impressive that you are expanding the range of available stringed instruments. And it looks as if one of the first three mandoquins already has a home. Very cool.

Pete Jenner
Aug-14-2013, 9:19am
It's always refreshing to see innovation among builders. What a great idea the Mandoquin is.

Aug-14-2013, 11:09am
Watched the video on your website as well, and that shows of the tone much better IMO. It sounds like the recording equipment on the above videos couldn't handle the volume (esp. the last clip), which made me think the instrument was a bit buzzy at first. On your website video, it is a much clearer, cleaner tone that sounds fantastic to me. Great idea for a new instrument. I like it.