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Feb-11-2005, 2:20pm
I ordered a case from GWW a few weeks ago and it arrived today. I know there was some interest in the cases that were ordered directly from GWW, so here are some pictures of mine.




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Feb-11-2005, 2:22pm
Last 2



Jim Watts

Feb-11-2005, 2:41pm
Muy bonita!

Scotti Adams
Feb-11-2005, 4:40pm
...great lookin case.....I want one.

Feb-11-2005, 5:02pm
And it cost???
is it shown on their website now???

Lane Pryce
Feb-11-2005, 5:15pm
Evan I quoted $365.00 and had a 6 week waiting period. Lp

Feb-11-2005, 5:28pm
Man, if I am going to spend $365 on a case I will just put a little extra and buy another Calton. That is really high for a non-flight case. I think Rob (Anderson I think) has the best deal for the same style case for $200. I still just love my Calton. That does look very, very nice though Jim.

Feb-11-2005, 5:32pm
Hmm, mine wasn't $365.00. I got it for $165.00 directly from GWW.


Feb-11-2005, 8:48pm

The pad is different in the top of the case is that the normal way they build them? or was that special request?

Jim Hilburn
Feb-12-2005, 12:25am
I do like the way the body is supported from the top. Jim, do those supports hit more toward the rim or are they hitting in the F-hole area?

Feb-12-2005, 12:31am
Now $165, I could handle that and that is a great deal.

Scotti Adams
Feb-12-2005, 12:32am
Hi Jim....Ive owned one GWW case....and from what I gather from the pics...and mine.. the pads hit more towards the rim.....

Feb-12-2005, 12:55am
Yes that is true Mr.Adams.....

I have a pix of the Steffey in my GWW

Scotti Adams
Feb-12-2005, 1:17am
...ah...cut it out w/the Mr. Stuff.....with the kind of mood Im in right now ....I would probably trade my Calton for one of these...wih some $$$$$ to burn...

Feb-12-2005, 1:22am
Well Ive got you beat....

Ive got it bad for the Price case that they have at Gibson.

Lane Pryce
Feb-12-2005, 9:08am
Exactly what I said re $365.00 quote!!!I had a really lousy customer service experience with GWW.I took the info re their cases from a previous thread then called with the intent of purchaseing one of these cases cause I like em!!I could never speak with the right person and wound up talking with a lady I could not understand.Then had to wait two weeks for a proposal/draft from an engineer!!!Yeah right---I'll take two of them!!! Lp BTW Jim I really like your case. The one I wanted had the identicle interior and hardware except I wanted the brown alligator exterior. Lp

Jim Hilburn
Feb-12-2005, 10:20am
The $365 would probably be for an Ameritage. These look like a better deal, especially if the box is built as strong as the Ameritage.

Feb-12-2005, 11:06am
JLP, I think Jim Hilburn is right, you probably got quoted the price of the Ameritage line. I got the lady on the phone too the first time, but I refused to discuss the case with someone I couldn't understand. I specifically asked for Jeff McGinnus and I had to call back 3 or 4 times before I could get him, but I finally did and then placed an order. I had to ask for the "Gibson Master Model" case and he told me he could sell me one exactly like the one they built for Gibson with the exception of the latches. So I ordered and got it in about 5 weeks after order.


Feb-12-2005, 2:26pm
I have two of these cases. The one thing I realy like about them, is there is all kinds of room for STUFF

Feb-12-2005, 2:32pm
Looks like a neat case, although I would like to see a third latch.


Feb-12-2005, 3:29pm
The contact at GWW that I got was Nancy Worsfold. Her Email is nancyw@racsa.co.cr

Nancy responded to me after I emailed Jeff. The pictures she sent me have been posted in other threads.

Here's her response to me:

*Our mandolin case with brown crocodile vinyl and green lustre velvet is

COT-116; its price is $160 plus freight from Wisconsin. I have attached a couple of pictures of a COT-116 with brown crocodile vinyl, but with burgundy velvet. As you see, this case is very similar to the original Vintage case, but with an arched lid. You could take your choice regarding color and material options, due to the fact that the case will be produced. Please let me know if you would like me to send other pictures.*


*Nancy Worsfold*

*GWW/Ameritage Carrying Cases*

Jim Hilburn
Feb-12-2005, 5:38pm
The arched lid is the best part. Lot's of bridge clearance. That's a feature from the Ameritage.

Feb-12-2005, 8:24pm
How heavy is the case (carry weight?)?

Feb-13-2005, 11:37am
Rick, I really don't know exactly how much it weighs, but I would guess about 10 lbs. It would be in the same weight range as the TKL line I would think. It's a pretty nice case and doesn't feel overly heavy when carrying.


Frank Russell
Feb-15-2005, 4:29pm
I have one of these cases right now - got it with a trade. It's the aforementioned "alligator" one, I guess, and it's a heavy sucker. The mandolin fits real tight, which is okay if there's no pressure on specific areas. My only complaint is that the latches are small and cheesy, and don't really latch with any real security. Lots of space though. Frank

Big Joe
Feb-16-2005, 8:15am
We do not use GWW cases for several reasons. One is they did not do them the way we wanted and are not the same case the MM ships in. We had several problems and found them to be unusable for our mandolin. I cannot speak for the cases you have found and you may be very happy, but we have not been impressed with the GWW cases and do not carry them in our retail stores or use them in OAI. For the kind of money the fake Master Model cases cost you can get a good Calton or http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif Just my opinion.

Feb-16-2005, 9:01am
Show me a Calton for 160.00 and I am all over it!! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif