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Todd Meadows
Aug-09-2013, 11:26am
Very first post in the Cafe! Long time guitarist but recently acquired my Dad's Weber Bitterroot after he passed away a few months ago. While most of my time playing guitar has been rock and folk, I have found a new love for bluegrass after getting my hands on this mandolin. (Also got his '93 Martin HD28)

It immediately brought back a flood of memories of my parents dragging my brother and I around to the Galax Fiddler's Conventions, Lithia, Roanoke Bluegrass Festival, etc. in the mid 70's. First tune I've learned is Monroe's My Last Days On Earth. Only fitting given the circumstances....also a good lesson in cross tuning....Monroe style! Next on the list, Wayfaring Stranger.

Really glad I found this place!

Capt. E
Aug-09-2013, 11:55am
Welcome...you've got a great mandolin there. Beware, you might give up guitar in time.

Bob Clark
Aug-09-2013, 12:00pm
Hello Rocketman,

Your Bitterroot is a beauty and it's history and your interesting childhood experiences make it all the more meaningful to you. It looks as if your father took great care of it. I hope you get many years of pleasure from this wonderful Weber.

Welcome to the Cafe. There are lots of good people here who can answer almost any mando question you might think up.

Best wishes,


Todd Meadows
Aug-09-2013, 12:12pm
Thanks for the welcome Capt'n & Bob!...I've already found myself neglecting my guitar. There is a sense of guilt, almost like I'm cheating on it or something. One question I did have was the piece just below the bridge. Just thinking ahead about changing strings, I was wondering if the strings simply ran under / through this or if it is supposed to be removed prior to changing strings.

Not exaclty sure what it's called and I've searched online for topics as well as looking for other mandolins that have this, but to no avail.

Michael Weaver
Aug-09-2013, 1:17pm
It is called a "wood nymph" by Weber. It just suppresses unwanted harmonics from ringing out like an annoying little bell. You can remove it by spreading the two E strings apart, then lifting that side. Then do the same thing with the G strings and then it will lift completely off allowing you to change the strings. It is held in place by two rubber O-rings. Enjoy playing that great mando and welcome aboard.

Todd Meadows
Aug-09-2013, 3:01pm
Thanks for the welcome and info Mike, I knew it dampened the end but wasn't sure how to get it off. Looks like you got a great collection! Hope you're staying dry in Missouri.

Dave LaBoone
Aug-09-2013, 8:32pm
Welcome...you've got a great mandolin there. Beware, you might give up guitar in time.

Beware, you might give up the guitar in NO time.

Aug-09-2013, 8:45pm
trick of the light made me think you had TWO