View Full Version : 1940s Regal-made Blue Comet Flatback

Jake Wildwood
Aug-02-2013, 3:38pm
I don't work on too many entry mandolins, but this guy is actually pretty good for what it is... and who can resist absurd celluloid?

Plus -- 14" scale!

Original blog post/more pics here. (http://antebelluminstruments.blogspot.com/2013/08/c1940-regal-made-blue-comet-flatback.html)





Aug-02-2013, 4:15pm
Confetti on January 21 in Northern Finland.

Steve Sorensen
Aug-02-2013, 4:18pm
Really cool.


Jim Garber
Aug-02-2013, 4:21pm
Cool , Jake. I haven't seen a non-resonator Blue Comet. Are you certain it was made by Regal?

Jake Wildwood
Aug-02-2013, 5:24pm
Jim: Not 100% but very, very close to sure. I haven't handled a lot of 40s Regal products, but this is very, very close to their late 30s all-birch ones: 14" scale, same neck block style, deep body, nut width, neck shape, body shape/size. The odd parts are: laminate body (vs. solid) and thinner heel.

Aug-03-2013, 3:03am
Celluloid? Looks more like 1970's wallpaper! :)

Jim Garber
Aug-03-2013, 1:53pm
i think the manufacturer(s) of the Blue Comet instruments (and others of the same design with other labels) is as much of a mystery as the makers of the Strad-O-Lins. if you can find a Regal that matches your Blue Comet then we have at least a solid clue that Regal was one of the makers.

Jake Wildwood
Aug-03-2013, 2:31pm
I agree that a nicely-labeled Regal of the same sort would seal the deal, but there's so much the same with this mando and similar Regals that it hurts not to call it one. If I'd had to reset the neck I would've been able to tell you if it was a dowel joint (which would pretty clearly ID it as Regal for me).

Still, I might as well go and update my blog post to that effect.