View Full Version : My Loar 600 Through Some Changes

Jul-15-2013, 11:07am
Well lets see when I first got this I scraped the neck, then I recently let my grandson use it well he's hard on his stuff and put some pretty good divots in the top. So I started to sand them out. I said to heck with this the mandolin needs more mods so I cut the Florida section off and installed jumbo frets and new nut.
Sounds good to me, not really satisfied with the look so may try something else in the future.


Bill Snyder
Jul-15-2013, 12:40pm
A bit distressing isn't it. Just looks like it was attacked by a sander.

Perry Babasin
Jul-15-2013, 1:13pm
Take it all off! Ha,ha,ha

Jul-15-2013, 1:34pm
Bill, I agree, I may do more to it or give it back to my boy and see how much more distressing he can do to it :)

Jul-15-2013, 1:35pm
Take it all off! Ha,ha,ha

Perry, sounds good to me!

little george
Jul-15-2013, 7:58pm
Well, one thing is for sure: After seeing your pictures, Im not sad anymore for making a little spot on the lacquer of my loar 600... :mandosmiley: