View Full Version : C# demo

Dave Cohen
Jul-12-2013, 2:50pm
I did manage to finish one demo mandolin in this batch. Haven't had a C# demo in a few years.


Barry Wilson
Jul-12-2013, 4:23pm
Stunning. I just love the back, sides and neck...

William Smith
Jul-12-2013, 4:58pm
WoW, That is awesome lookin, I've always loved the looks of your C# mandos David. Only if I was a rich guy I could get all my dream mandolins. Maybe someday,I did just win 14 bucks on the powerball the other day so maybe next time!

Jul-12-2013, 7:10pm
Really beautiful!


Pete Jenner
Jul-13-2013, 1:35am
Really nice Dave. I also really enjoyed the Q and A session with you, Lawrence Smart and Don McRostie in the latest issue of GAL.

Ron McMillan
Jul-13-2013, 3:42am
'tis a lovely creation. I'd really like to hear a sound clip.


Dale Ludewig
Jul-13-2013, 7:23am
Beautiful, Dave.

Eric Hanson
Jul-13-2013, 7:37am
Just beautiful.
I really like the wood binding. Is it flame Maple?

Jul-13-2013, 7:42am
Beautiful. (and I have an appointment with a psychiatrist so I can learn to love the soundholes.);)

Dale Ludewig
Jul-13-2013, 7:57am
I forgot to ask: is that duct tape you've got woven through the strings in front of the tailpiece? :)

Dave Cohen
Jul-13-2013, 10:28am
Not duct tape, but ~1/16" foam, about $0.99 per 12"x12" sheet. Much cheaper than grommetts, and doesn't fly away when you change strings.

Forgot to add details. Redwood top, quilt bigleaf maple back/sides/neck. Macassar ebony headplate, fretboard, pickguard, trim. Biinding is curly maple, Indian rosewood, and unfigured maple. The back and sides were nearly the color you see in the photos. Just toned them a bit and colored the neck to match.


Jul-13-2013, 11:55am
The totality of the whole package is stunning, and I do not use that word lightly. I especially like the contrast of the binding to the top and sides. It's a very elegant and artistic flair that is visually eye-popping.

Just beautiful, tasteful and lovely. Hats off to you, sir, well done.

Jul-15-2013, 8:44pm
well, the photos are nice and all, but that mandolin sounds/plays great too. Nice visit to Dave's shop tonight. Fun to play his instruments!