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Jul-10-2013, 11:22am
Thought I would show off a few photos of my "new" 1932 Weymann Style 85 S/N 47008
I got this from an estate auction in Buck County, PA. Probably from the original owner. It has that old attic smell. It is in pristine original condition. Just a few marks on the back of the resonator. Hardly any fret wear, original skin. I made a new ebony bridge, replaced the strings and gave it a good cleaning.

Weymann made 4 style of mandolin banjos in this time period. The Keystone State 24/25, the model 50, the 85 and the top of the line orchestra model. This model has more inlay than the style 50 and a walnut resonator as opposed to the mahogany one on the style 50. The model 24 did not have a resonator. This one sold for $85 in 1932 which would be equal to $1,445 in 2013 dollars. A lot of money in the depression era.

Sample Sound Clip Here! (http://crystalforestmandolins.com/sound/Weymann85-1932.mp3)


Jul-10-2013, 12:36pm
Nice looking and sounding instrument. Looks to be in beautiful condition.

Jake Wildwood
Jul-10-2013, 3:52pm
That's a classy jo-mando... as you all may know, I'm partial to Weymann instruments and also banjo mandos. I love the fun that Weymann started having after 1930 with their designs -- they started feeling more like old cars rather than the teens-era-looking stuff they seem to have stuck to in the 20s.

Guess what, Terry? I just refurbed an 8-string Weymann TENOR banjo, which looks like it will be my super jamming octave mandolin once I get that new 10 1/2" head from Elderly in!! I'd love to hear the two of these guys together, 16 strings of 5ths Weymann banjo fun... :D

Jul-10-2013, 9:31pm
It's definitely a conversation piece... not something you see at a jam every weekend :-)
It's a little loud... I think I'm going to have to put a mute inside under the bridge. I was hoping
I wouldn't have to take the resonator off but no way too tame it down otherwise.

Jake Wildwood
Jul-10-2013, 11:56pm
You can also stuff a tiny amount of foam under the fretboard extension for a similar effect. Cheating, I know... :D

Jul-11-2013, 2:42am
I have seen this one on ebay a few weeks ago... was a little too pricey for me
I like Weymann instruments !

Jul-11-2013, 6:13am
Yah, the vendor/antique dealter had it listed with a ridiculous price. I made them a low offer not expecting them to take it, but after a couple days they accepted.. It was a steel.

Charles E.
Jul-11-2013, 5:42pm
I really like Moongel to tame banjo's (tenor or mando) it sticks where ever you want to controll the tone and when removed, leaves no residue.