View Full Version : Star Spangled Banner on a Weber Yellowstone

R. Porter
Jul-04-2013, 4:50am
I got this 2006 Yellowstone a year and a half ago on ebay. It felt stiff and hard to play at first, maybe from lack of use judging from its pristine condition when I got it, but seems to be breaking in nicely. This video was recorded on a Canon Vixia video camera with an Audio-Technica 6550 mic.


Bertram Henze
Jul-04-2013, 6:10am
Very intricate chord-melody, impressive arrangement, strong right hand (many upstrokes like a dulcimer player's). You can play things no man has played before (on a mandolin, that is). :cool:

But you need a larger fretboard :grin:

Jul-04-2013, 8:02am
Very Nice! Impressive playing. Happy Fourth of July and thanks for sharing.

Jul-04-2013, 8:07am
Nicely done! Happy 4th to all.

Jul-04-2013, 8:11am
A friend plays the piccolo part of "The Stars and Stripes, Forever" on mandolin, prefers F-5scale for it, the upper parts get a bit, shall we say.....close?

Barry Wilson
Jul-04-2013, 9:46am
that was very cool. thanks for sharing. I hate to admit I like that tune better than out national anthem...

Jul-04-2013, 10:25am
I like it! Well done, sir!

Jul-04-2013, 11:44am
Very nice, Bravo!!

Jul-04-2013, 12:44pm
Star-Spangled Banner on an Epiphone MandoBird. The sound of freedom, if a bit sloppy here and there ...

Happy Birthday, America! :mandosmiley:

Jul-04-2013, 12:49pm
Bravo Mr. Porter!! Happy Independence Day!

R. Porter
Jul-05-2013, 3:28am
Pipeous, I really like O Canada. Have you seen the William Shatner version on Youtube? Pretty funny.

Thanks for the nice comments all. I'm in Oregon and want to take that Yellowstone to Weber's new factory in Bend someday and see if they suggest any tweaks or adjustments. Has anyone been there yet?

Jul-05-2013, 10:33am
Hey JB, great fun!