View Full Version : My IV kit builds

Matt DeBlass
Jul-02-2013, 3:52pm
I just finished my second kit build, the cherry burst on the left. On the right is my blonde oval-hole that's been my main stage instrument for the last three years.


The f-hole is a pretty conventional build, the only things that I did that were even slightly unusual is to trim the lower curve of the headstock a bit asymmetrically - slightly higher on the treble side to let my big gorilla hands play the first fret easier - and to make the neck a wee bit asymmetrical as well, with the curve being a bit flatter on the bass side to make my thumb a bit more comfortable, but that's barely noticeable.
I put a Scatten transducer in it before I glued on the back, and finished the whole thing with Stew-Macs aerosol lacquer. Not bad for an amateur with rattle-cans, as long as you don't look TOO close at the finish :grin:

The oval-hole I made by getting the kit with the uncut top and making my own hole, then recutting the provided tone bars into X-bracing. I finished the whole thing off with Tru-Oil.

jim simpson
Jul-02-2013, 4:30pm
I like it!

Jul-02-2013, 4:33pm
Nice job - how does it sound?

Denny Gies
Jul-02-2013, 5:14pm
Not to feed your ego too much but you gotta be proud. Nice job.