View Full Version : LYLE LM-200 (1970's) (used)

Jun-30-2013, 5:10pm
A new instrument has been added to Elderly Instrument's new and used mandolin inventory:

http://elderly.com/images/tiny/vintage/90U/90U-6392.jpg (http://elderly.com/vintage/items/90U-6392.htm) EC except gap at heel, natural finish, double bound teardrop body, arched spruce top, f-holes, maple back and sides, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, zero fret, dot markers, 18 frets, classic tailpiece, adjustable bridge (missing parts), tortoise plastic bridge, headstock features logo, 4-on-a-plate tuners (missing 1 bushing), built in Japan, sold AS-IS (needs bridge and tuner parts, heel gap addressed, recenter nut, strings, set up, etc.), 1-1/14" nut, 14" scale, with SSC ($65.00)

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