View Full Version : First scratch mandolin build.

Dan Douris
Jun-26-2013, 8:44am

Dan Douris
Jun-26-2013, 8:49am
Some pics after polish.

Cary Fagan
Jun-26-2013, 9:04am
Fine job.

Dan Douris
Jun-26-2013, 9:11am
Thanks Cary! I just finished up bending the sides for my second build last night. I hope to keep learning from my mistakes and after a few A’s move to F’s. Ya know I am finding this hobby very addicting!

Jun-26-2013, 9:58am
Looks good! Like the colors of your finish too. How's the tone? Building is addicting isn't it, have fun!

Jun-26-2013, 10:21am
I'd like to hear that one. Nice job.

Dan Douris
Jun-26-2013, 10:42am
Thank Ken! At first I was ok with the tone but no too happy with the volume and was thinking of everything I did wrong. I then realized that the neck angle was a little steeper than your average and I was using a standard ebony bridge which I had to raise almost all the way up to get decent action. Well thanks to Mandolin Café forums I read about using a CA tallboy ebony bridge to compensate for steeper than your average neck angles. What a HUGE difference! I didn't even have it fit properly and it made a difference then once I fit it snug to the top it was like BOOM!!!!! Totally different instrument! The tone is good and woody on the bass and tremble and has a nice chop but lacks a little in the mids. Maybe that will g
et better with time? Overall I am pretty happy with the end result. I figure if I stay with it and learn from my mistakes they should only get better and better right?!

Jun-26-2013, 11:08am
Nice work, Dan! Have any recordings or videos of that hatchet in action you would share with us?

Dan Douris
Jun-26-2013, 11:28am
Thank Bill and Aaron! Arron - I will work on get something posted.

Eric Michael Pfeiffer
Jun-26-2013, 2:18pm
wow nice!!

Jun-26-2013, 9:25pm
I really like the color.

Dan Douris
Jun-27-2013, 6:48am
Thanks Clef! I used yellow, amber, and black aniline dyes.

Dan Douris
Nov-05-2013, 7:13pm
So this is me pickin' my first build at a fest over july 4th weekend. Maybe not the best but an idea of the sound.


Nov-06-2013, 12:31pm
Sounds good.

Nov-06-2013, 4:55pm
That looks nice!

Dan Douris
Nov-07-2013, 8:26am
Thanks Billhay4 and Nevin! I am working on #2 now and hope to have it completed before Christmas or at least strung up in the white. Just meed to get better at detail but I guess that will come with time. I think the next project will be an F style. I got some nice sitka and big leak maple from Bruce @ Orcas Island Tone woods that I think will really turn out nice!

Nov-07-2013, 2:23pm
Bruce is the man, Dan. Hope the F turns out well.