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Darryl Wolfe
Feb-07-2005, 4:58pm
Soliciting comments

Feb-07-2005, 5:09pm
Very nice Darryl. Certainly had the visual appeal! Lots to look at. I like how the serial number can be read on the Mando top. Also like the F5 Journal font on the Mando side/rim.

Feb-07-2005, 5:14pm
I think if I were going to get a F-5 inlaid like that, I'd do it so the top of the lettering was towards the top of the mandolin. Upside down makes it hard for the audience to read!
One way or ther other, I'll take a copy.

Scotti Adams
Feb-07-2005, 5:52pm
..I think it looks dandy..

Feb-07-2005, 5:58pm
dedicated to "the futherance of Gibson F5 mandolins" or should it be "Loar era Gibson F-5 mandolins"? or maybe "vintage Gibson F5 mandolins". got room on the lower left for a headstock under the uppper portion of the scroll maybe? or flip the top one over (but keep on same plane and put scroll on lower right.

jim simpson
Feb-07-2005, 6:05pm
I like it but I think the scroll looks funny... just kidding, a feeble attempt to capitalize on the funny looking scroll thread!

Feb-07-2005, 6:44pm
Looks great to me D.

Feb-07-2005, 6:45pm
Very nice, I especially like the Scroll-ibson montage !


Feb-07-2005, 6:58pm
Darryl, for me it looks to busy and besides who would stack a couple of Loars on each other. #I might add I am a bit of a "organize freak" so I like things uncluttered. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

Feb-07-2005, 8:52pm
I would beef up the title a little if I were you. I don't think it stands out enough. I mean, "The F5 Journa"l is what you want to jump out and grab people, and it just ain't jumping out and grabbing me. It's there, but it isn't enough of a focal point you know. It gets kinda lost. The rest of your type is nicely organized and fits well in the space. The heirarchy of information is good too.

The collage is cool too I like that, as well as the color of that side!

Feb-07-2005, 10:15pm
It needs a good small peghead shot somewhere like in the
space before the lettering on side. You need all the curves in there!

Feb-07-2005, 10:18pm
And one more suggestion: Instead of the superimposed image of the serial number label why not the Loar label there.
That would look really cool to see the signature there.
Those two words that mean so much to the F5.

Feb-07-2005, 10:25pm
I'm a bit mystified as to how the vintage mandolin can be furtheranced. Seems like they're history!


Bill Van Liere
Feb-07-2005, 10:37pm
Nice artwork with great graphic design.

Feb-07-2005, 11:41pm
VERY cool, Darryl! I agree about the title font - maybe bold it. You might also replace the mando side with a peghead and do the title in "The Gibson" font ?? I also agree about the Loar signature label.

Even if you leave it as-is, it's awesome though. Good job!

Darryl Wolfe
Feb-08-2005, 8:28am
Thanks for all the input. #I think it may be a bit busy. #I'm gonna keep the basic premise, but take another shot at it. #Thanks again for all the input, ..I'm kinda astounded

Brian Aldridge
Feb-08-2005, 8:57am
One suggestion I might give would be to include on the inside cover a scratch and sniff patch, with the aroma of "that smell" the old F5s have.

Feb-08-2005, 9:22am
Nice ...... as always.

Feb-08-2005, 1:32pm
Looks good, Darryl. I hope the new issue will feature an article in the vein of the one about pegheads in #3. A classic. And while we are in the suggestion department, may I suggest that you mention again the name of the owners, specially famous ones. It's great to know which number Reischman, Grisman, Marshall, or whoever's Loar it is. i understand that might cause a problem to some owners, but I'm sure most of them would not mind.

Feb-09-2005, 9:56am
You got my vote, where do I sign up?

Feb-09-2005, 11:53pm
Looks great but IMHO "The F5 Journal" doesn't jump out like it should since that's the most important text on the cover. It seems to be a bit lost in the collage of pics.

Feb-10-2005, 12:01am
Consider removing the top pic (of the back) and putting a dark background in it's place. Put "The F5 Journal" here so it will stand out more. Also this will make the photo of the top w/serial # (which looks slick by the way) stand out more rather than get lost in the montage. Also, it's generally a good idea to use more than 1 font on a page - I would go with a different one for the title for sure.

Feb-10-2005, 1:46am
Whole page background of a stunningly figured back would be nice. less busy, and leave the graphics less competition.
perhaps an inset of a front image.

Feb-10-2005, 2:27am
Yeah, maybe a little busy, Nice though!
Funny thing...now that I have Photoshop 7.0, I know how you did all that! It's harder to look at it objectively. Makes me want to keep tweaking, like I'm sure you're doing http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif .

Darryl Wolfe
Feb-11-2005, 9:18am
Well..I've decided that it's definately too busy.. I may do a few this way, but we're going back to the drawing board for some take-off on this concept...which by the way I can credit to our Superadministrator DanB's wife

Darryl Wolfe
Feb-11-2005, 9:22am
I also had this "revision" submitted by one of our members. #It flows much better..(I wonder how he did that?)

Charlie Derrington
Feb-11-2005, 10:54am

Looks absolutely fantastic !

The only missing element (IMHO) is that famous headstock.


Feb-14-2005, 7:10am
looking forward to the new journal.
i am in advertising, and deal with photoshop and ad/package design daily...my opinion
i "like" the second better, but, i would try to add the signature label if i were designing it. i think the bottom crop of the loar in the case needs to go, too much clutter. you could just scan the green felt and use as a background if that is what your after.
just a quick brainstorming idea....get a real senior citizen you know (one that learned how to write cursive in the old days to write out "F-5 Journal" much in the way Loar would. a lot of older people write with that same style cause that is how they were taught back then in the days before ball point pens, etc.) that would be cool.
sometimes simplicity has more impact.
just some ideas

Feb-14-2005, 7:19am
another idea....you have those Master Model labels (not the signature label), scan one and replace the usual info at the bottom with your Dedicated to the....tag line.

Feb-14-2005, 10:33pm
The cut off of the pickguard bracket bothers me. Seems wrong and it's a center point of the picture. Maybe shoot the other side to replace with? Also agree the serial number doesn't say much but that signature label tells the whole story. Agree with Charlie you need that headstock even if small in there somewhere.

Feb-14-2005, 10:41pm
I meant to say the upper point instead of the lower point that shows the pickguard not the other side. You already display the other side nicely. It's looking better each step. And just when will the new issue be avaiable to the public in 2005?

Feb-14-2005, 10:42pm
whoops, wrong again, the lower point not the upper point should be able to get in there and miss the pickguard bracket. Sorry about that, been drinking again tonight.