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Charlie Ayers
Feb-06-2005, 6:08pm
Here is a very recent Andrew Mowry (www.mowrystrings.com) F5, with varnish finish, Englemann top, and Allen tailpiece.

I've given up on trying to downsize the pictures on my computer, so that I could post them here; instead, I've put them here:


Charlie Ayers
Feb-06-2005, 7:43pm
I thought I titled this "Blonde Mowry F5", but what the heck.


Baron Collins-Hill
Feb-06-2005, 8:15pm
very sharp charlie, i like that one.

Lane Pryce
Feb-07-2005, 9:39am
I love those blondes!!!How does she sound and play? Lp

Charlie Ayers
Feb-07-2005, 12:06pm
Hey LP:

It's got a really nice setup and a great neck, which is about as comfortable as I've played (sort of "U" shaped). It's got that sweet, poppy Englemann tone, but plenty of volume and punch. It's more open than most of the other new mandolins I've played/owned (I can only remember my Englemann Heiden F5 sounding more open right out of the box).