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Andy Morton
Feb-06-2005, 12:09pm
Is it possible to listen to a track that you have recorded, and play along with that track and record it as a new track (a duet) using Audacity?

Your help would be appreciated!!!

Andy Morton
Madison, WI

Martin Jonas
Feb-06-2005, 12:50pm
Of course. That's what Audacity is for. Just make sure that in the "File>Preferences..." panel, tab "Audio I/O", the box "Play other tracks while recording new one" is checked. Now, all tracks that are already in you project will playback whenever you record a new one. One thing you have to be mindful, though, is that the new track will be delayed by a few milliseconds compared to the existing one. This is an inevitable hardware efect because of the delays in the recording signal pathway compared to the playback. Some recording packages have an automatic correction for this (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't), but in Audacity you have to correct the track alignment manually after recording by shifting the tracks in relation to each other until they match up.

So, who's the first for Paddy On The Turnpike? Time to get numbers up again after not too many took the plunge with Westphalia Waltz.


Andy Morton
Feb-06-2005, 1:22pm
Thanks Martin--I knew that it had to be something pretty simple!!!