View Full Version : All kinds of bursts

Feb-04-2005, 2:15pm
I'm wondering what cremona bursts look like. I think I have an idea in my head but would like to know for sure. I'd also like any other kind of "traditional" bursts. I got on Don Paine's list this week and am already wondering about different bursts. I know he does a great job with colors and finishes and would like some ideas.


Feb-04-2005, 11:54pm
Put arrow on "Eye Candy" and click!

Feb-05-2005, 9:01am
Don's working on my F4 even as we speak.

For color, I chose NOT to have a 'burst. I wanted something different.

If you go to Pomeroy's web page and look at the Mandolin Models page, I chose to have my F4 the color of that mandola. No 'burst.

To me, it looks like an old Gibson.