View Full Version : What effects and amps do you use?

Feb-04-2005, 9:40am
Just curious to see what others are using.

I use an ernieball volume>BuddaWah>MXR EnvelopFilter>FulltoneFulldrive>BossSuperOverdrive >BossOctave>Line6Delay>Fe

Feb-04-2005, 10:26am
Gibson EM-200>Baggs Para-eq>Art tube preamp/compresser>alesis nanoverb>250Watt P.A. Amp> Raezers Edge NY8 clone.

Feb-04-2005, 11:21am
Ryder EM-44 -> Boss TU2 tuner -> 1980's Boss OD -> Digitech Digidelay -> Boss OC3 Octave -> Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb -> Fender Pro Jr.

From time to time I'll put a Dan-o-wah right before the reverb.


Feb-04-2005, 11:39am
I used to add strings of effects with my Les Paul, but Ive gotten lazy and plug my bird into a Digitech RP2000...and dial in the proper amounts of OD, reverb, delay, phase, compression, envelope sometimes,and use the adjustable wha some too...usually just straight into the PA, but I have a Tweed Fender Blues DeLuxe Tube Amp at the house that is unbelievable, but once again...Im a bit too lazy to cart it around

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Feb-04-2005, 11:42am
Hey Taboot how do you like the oc-3. I run the oc-2 and have been thinking of upgrading.

Feb-07-2005, 7:55am
Digitech RP2000>Fender Twin Amp

Feb-07-2005, 11:23am
I'm very pleased with the oc-3, it is digital, so if that's an issue for you, try before you buy... I use it most often in the polyphonic mode, and adjust the sensitivity so that it only picks up notes below the open D string. To my knowledge, it's the only octave pedal that can handle polyphonic input. I never use the drive mode (it's waaaay too hot) and do get good use out of the OC-2 mode that's included.


Feb-10-2005, 6:28pm
MIDI: 2 Roland GR guitar synths, each has a 1/4" out to 2 yamaha AG/DG stomp DSP boxes. MIDI connection to a keyboard can play those 238 GM instruments too.EFX send off nady MM4 minimixer, adds output to Roland KCW subwoofer, for a runt of the litter sized bass.

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Feb-10-2005, 6:38pm
oh, the other one , the FM61se, and the Vibrochamp, the DG stomp can go in between, though the preamp would toast the old #speaker.

Last week,I got a Selenium 2 way coax to build into a cabinet, for a little more SPL tolerence. Bridged output of A QSL RMX850 poweramp for wattage.

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Feb-11-2005, 10:24am

You use a midi pickup with the mandolin. IS it a roland gk2a pickup? I was wondering if that would work or not. I was considering buying one for my guitar but passed but I thought it would be very cool to have a midi mando but was not sure due to the smaller spacing how it would work.

Feb-11-2005, 2:35pm
Retrofitted an existing custom 4 string, thanks to help: www.separatestrings.com

Its using RMC piezo bridge pieces ,4 single string, 'acoustic gold' model .
and their offboard converter, 'polydrive 2' , it is on my music stand [which supports the minisubmixer].
Roland compatible 13 pin connector out of PD2 to the rest of the gear.

Feb-24-2005, 4:48pm

1: L.R. Baggs Para DI > Korg DT-10 tuner > BOSS & ART Tube Pre-Amp compressors > Morley Little Alligator Volume > George Dennis GD-30 wah > Visual Sound H2O > Line 6 DM-4, all in a great case from Tour Master Cases.

2: If there's no sounds system, I run through a Line 6 Flextone amp w/ floorboard, or occasionally a Gibson Super Goldtone head & custom Dr. Bass cab.