View Full Version : A New (to me) Mando

Feb-03-2005, 9:10pm
New addition to the family, just flew in on the morning mailplane...

Mike Blohm #3, with "The Laurel" on the h/s...apparently, he had to change the name, so the newer ones say "Blohm".

Not sure what the top is (will update later), but if I had to guess I would say Sitka...this will probably give the woodworms fits, but it does't sound as "tight" as Red or as "warm" as Engelmann, given its age (2002). Back is wonderfully quilted maple...

Nice neck profile, plays well with a higher than some action. Flat board, medium frets that will need replacement in a bit, Allen tailpiece.

Not overly "bassy", but with a good enough growl to muscle through the A part of "Dusty Miller" in a convincing manner. Good, poppy midrange, and decent trebles that stay lound and resonant up around the 10th fret...needs a string change, so I'm sure it will sound like a different beast afterwards, but it's a keeper now.


Feb-03-2005, 9:12pm
My first Quilted-Back Mando...*Blush*

Feb-03-2005, 9:15pm
Headstock...pretty nice work for #3, IMHO

Skip Kelley
Feb-03-2005, 9:56pm
Number 3? Very nice mandolin!!!

Feb-05-2005, 1:15am
Suspicion confirmed.

Sitka top, Bigleaf back...

I talked to Mr. Blohm tonight for awhile...nice guy. He says that he got this wood from a guy in Canada "before he was ever thinking of building" a mando.

It is interesting stuff, mebbe I can get a closeup sometime. The grain count is around 6-10 lpi.