View Full Version : tabledit files

Jan-26-2005, 4:32pm
Each time I try to print tabs for a song, it says something like "tabledit demo version" over some of the lines. How do I get the 'non-demo' version? Do I need to buy it? Please help


Martin Jonas
Jan-26-2005, 5:35pm
Looks like you downloaded the demo of the full TablEdit program. That's the one that allows you to edit and create files, and it's a commercial program. If all you want to do is view and print already existing files (e.g. from Mandozine) without changing them, then you need to download a different program, the free TEFview. It's here (http://www.tabledit.com/tefview/index.shtml). If you open the downloaded TablEdit files with TEFview instead of TablEdit, you will be able to print without the obstructing overprint.