View Full Version : I'm going offline:(

Jan-22-2005, 10:59am
Hi all!
I'm moving this weekend to my new, huge and lovely apartment. I'll have to change to another ISP because in my new house they don't have cable so I'll need to get ADSL and unfortunately it'll take 3-8 weeks to get it installed so I'll be offline for some time, I won't be able to display recordings for a long time but I'll have plenty of time to pick instead!

I'll try to check in some time if I get to an internet computer but don't know how often...

I'll be back!

Take care and be nice.

Hugs to all

Jan-30-2005, 1:38am
We'll see ya then! Put that internet downtime to good use picking, I was offline for a few weeks due to a similar situation and during that time realized how much time i spent online vs practicing and it was a eyeopeninger (not sure if thats a word but ya get my drift)