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Jan-20-2005, 4:08pm
Just started getting into the music of Brazilian "undefinable" composer Hermeto Pascoal.
Lucky enough to be aquainted with Elizabeth Woodbury (http://www.jupitercircle.com) a very gifted pianist and composer and former student of Jovino Santos Neto -
who did the CD with Mike Marshall -
"Serenata" - all Hermeto Compositions.
The CD did not entirely grab me at first - but after listening a few times - I am hooked.
Hermeto does not play by the rules - being more interested in tonality and sound than in tradtional western music structure.
Currently we are working on a Hermeto peice called "Voz e Vento" ( voice of the wind)
at first I found it awkward as the melody is written for flute , doesn't really flow on the mando -
but then I realized nothing of Hermeto's is expected to be "predictable".
it took me a while to get up to speed, but now I can't put it down.
Anyway if you haven't checked him out and you are into Brazilian Choro and maybe some modern Jazz as well as any kind of folk music - you will dig Hermeto.