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Jan-20-2005, 6:43am
OK,I know this is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question but...

I want to get into session playing but know mostly Irish tunes. Nothing wrong with that except I'm in Scotland. I know each session is different and there must be different favourite tunes in different places and even different pubs. However, what would you vote as your top "must know" Scottish tune.

I'll start us off by saying that I've been told 'The Athol Highlander' is in the "everyone knows" category (although the debate still raged on as to whether it was a great tune or a bit of a laugh when I went home).


Martin Jonas
Jan-20-2005, 7:26am
This (http://www.nigelgatherer.com/sess/ss3.html)is probably a good starting point, even if it is only for one particular session.


Jan-20-2005, 7:36am
Excellent! Many thanks.

Jan-20-2005, 9:57am
Gadzooks! Great list, great site, great link to Nigel Gatherer. Thanks for posting this lead, Martin! -- Paul

Jan-20-2005, 6:41pm
Ho-ro-gheallaidh - Session Tunes 1 & 2 (try to get the combined volumes for cheapness)
by Christine Martin and Anne Hughes
If you can only afford one book, get this. The settings are as close to the versions people actually play in Scottish sessions as any book I've ever used.
Check out other books by the same pair here: Scottish tune books (http://www.folkrevolution.co.uk/books/tunebooks.html)

Atholl Highlanders is probably the best known, and perhaps laughed at for that reason, though it also counts in the "Scottish tune that the Irish play" category, which doubles its notoriety.

Jan-21-2005, 3:21am
Good choice of books on that site.

I found a book called "Scottish Fiddlers' Session Tune Book, Vols. 1 & 2 Ho-ro Gheallaidh" by Matt Glaser (published by 'Taigh na Teud - Music Publishers') on Amazon (UK site here (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1871931479/ref=cm_ups_wishlist_image/026-6486753-9772414))

Do you know if this is the same book or one of the same name by a different author? The cover looks like the one on the site that you've linked to so I guess Amazon have just made a wee error.

Jon Hall
Jan-21-2005, 9:21am

Thanks for the link to Nigel's great website. It's great to see tunes listed that we play in East Texas.


Jan-22-2005, 9:21pm
Gotta be the same one Jon - must be a typo. Can't recommend these books highly enough.