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Jan-19-2005, 9:26pm
For those of you who have heard Dagger Gordon's CD The Frozen River, can you help me with the origins of track #2? I think it's called North Shore. Is this an original tune by Dagger or is it an older traditional tune? I'm trying to learn how to play it and wanted to know more about it. Thanks!

Jan-20-2005, 7:05pm
The only 'North Shore' listing I can find (Besides Dagger's) is a Slip Jig played by John Reischman. This is played as a rolling waltz with a terrific amount of pulsing tremolo. Now - if this is the same tune as Dagger Gordon's, I don't know. This is listed on CoMando and is quite a nifty tune to play - I hope this helps.

It may be a traditional Canadian tune from the maritime provinces ...

Jan-20-2005, 10:50pm
I play the Reischman version......great tune!

Dagger Gordon
Jan-21-2005, 12:48am

The tune is actually called 'The North Coast'.

I wrote it not long before recording 'The Frozen River. It refers to the North Coast of Scotland, a long and extremely sparsely populated wild stretch of coastline I am very fond of.

Glad you're enjoying it,



Jan-28-2005, 1:46pm
Dagger, thanks! I really love the melody of this tune, it literally takes my mind to the place you wrote it about. I've never been there, but can picture it by closing my eyes and listening. Great tunes do that, huh?

Dagger Gordon
Jan-31-2005, 1:19pm
I guess they do. I did feel the title really fitted the tune, and I think titles are quite important for slow, descriptive pieces.

I sometimes play with a piper called Carol Ann MacKay who plays with a very good band called Dochas, and who is from the North coast. She likes the tune a lot, which I take as a great compliment. It sounds nice on the pipes, actually.

Thanks for your kind words,


Jan-31-2005, 10:52pm
David - do you have that written out? Any chance of seeing or getting a copy of it?


Dagger Gordon
Feb-01-2005, 2:32am
Actually I've never written it out, but I'll see what I can do. I'm not too bad at writing out reels and jigs, but I find slower tunes harder for some reason.

How would I post it? Should I write it in abc mode on here?

Feb-22-2005, 5:00am
The slip jig "North Shore" that was meantioned earlier is probably Canadian, from the area of New Brunswick that lies between the Mirimichi river and the Bay of Chaleur. This is an Acadian French region and it is called the North Shore.

Feb-24-2005, 9:14am
DAG, this thread interested me enough that I went looking for your CD but couldn't find it available in this country. Do you know of a source in the U.S.? I'm also interested in your transcription of this tune. How is it coming?

Dagger Gordon
Feb-24-2005, 9:45am
Thanks for your interest. I advise people in the US to order through Music Scotland. They seem to provide a good service.

Google search
MusicScotland Dagger Gordon
and you'll track it down.

I'd slightly forgotten about the transcription, but I've pretty much done it. I'll figure out how to post it.



Keith Miller
Feb-24-2005, 6:28pm
Hi Dagger,
Noth Coast fan, you and me both, wife's family are from Sango Beg. attached photo might interest you

Dagger Gordon
Feb-25-2005, 1:49am
Indeed Keith,

I like it up there. Those cattle look to be quite good - cross Simmentals I would say, not usually what I associate with that part of the world.

Great beaches as you can see. I like it in winter. The waves can be extraordinary. A few hardy souls were surfing at Melvich when we went up about 4 weeks ago. Pretty tough if you ask me.

It's a long way from Cape Wrath to Thurso, with hardly anyone there.