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Jan-19-2005, 8:33pm
Hans just put the strings on this one. Just some final buffing to go, a bit of settling in, and it will be ready to ship to me. Can't wait! How's it sound now? Tight says Hans, but loud says his wife; gotta give it some time before it forgets it was a tree and figures out it's a mandolin.

Jan-19-2005, 8:34pm
The one-piece back. I love that piece of wood.

Jan-19-2005, 8:36pm
Hans buffing it out.

Rich, is yours strung up now? Hows it looking?

Jan-19-2005, 8:39pm
The neck, back, and top wood. In August 2004. It's come a long way!

Skip Kelley
Jan-19-2005, 8:42pm

Scotti Adams
Jan-19-2005, 8:42pm
Really, really nice......doesnt get much better than that.

Jan-19-2005, 10:58pm
No, it doesn't. Very pretty--and I like that back too.

Jan-20-2005, 11:20am
Thanks for the comments... I'm really looking forward to breaking this one in. The back wood is one of the nicest one-piece slabs I've seen. I had Hans do a more dramatic burst on this one, a bit darker around the edges, than he normally does, and I like the effect. It makes the binding stand out, very eye-catching, without covering up much of the natural beauty of the wood.

I think it's going to be a keeper. It even has the neck finished in tung oil only, for a bare-wood feel, and scooped pickguard as well as fingerboard. Just a few more weeks now of final polishing and prep.

Hey, Rich M, you out there? Yours has got to be at the same stage -- any new pictures?

Rich Michaud
Jan-20-2005, 6:44pm
I am out here in Boston freezing to death in this Jan weather. Hans tells me that mine is nearly done as well. I will post the next set of pictures when they come. Yours is beautiful as to be expected. What kind of case are you going to keep it in? Rich

Jan-20-2005, 11:36pm
Rich, I look forward to your pictures.

I have no idea what kind of case to keep it in -- probably whatever it comes in. But it does deserve a grade A case, so do you have anything to recommend? For a while, I'm hanging it on the wall, to help cure the varnish (with regulated humidity, of course), but I wouldn't mind a really nice case with some storage area.

Rich Michaud
Jan-22-2005, 5:33pm
My best cases by far are the Pegasus cases. Hans say to wait a bit before they go in them to allow for the finish to harden on the instrument. Unfortunately, the lead time for a Peg is months. Still it is worth the wait. (I have 2 with 2 about to be delivered). Rich

Jan-22-2005, 11:30pm
Hey Flowerpot and Rich,

I should be receiving my A 21V about the same time your 23V's arrive.
Looks like we were in the same "batch". Mine will have tortoise binding and an Italian spruce top. Will be interesting to compare looks and tone when they arrive. Please keep in touch and I will post pictures as I receive them.

I'm so excited about receiving mine I can barely stand it.

Rich Michaud
Jan-24-2005, 9:07am
Here's the latest pic from Hans on the F5 with the Italian spruce top.

Jan-24-2005, 11:29am
Beauty, Rich. I'd love to try it out some time. It's got to be a winner. Pete, let us see the pics when you get them.

So I looked at the Pegasus case website, and they didn't mention anything about prices... what is the ballpark? And how much storage room is inside one? The construction looks great.

Jan-24-2005, 10:28pm
Hans must be busy buffing lately http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif Here is the front of my 21V ...

Jan-24-2005, 10:30pm
And the back ... I love this back !!

Jan-25-2005, 9:25am
Pete--I've now had my M21V for one year, and it continues to improve in every way. You will be very pleased with the response from the Italian spruce top, and the tortoise binding will look stunning on that mando. Congratulations to you, Flowerpot, and Rich!

Rich Michaud
Feb-01-2005, 2:38pm
I will try to post the new pics from Hans of my mando due to be shipped in a couple of weeks:

Rich Michaud
Feb-01-2005, 2:39pm
Another shot of the new Brentrup

Rich Michaud
Feb-01-2005, 2:41pm
A third shot of the new Brentrup:

Rich Michaud
Feb-01-2005, 2:44pm
The last shot of the Brentrup

Feb-01-2005, 3:44pm

That looks terrific. I recieved my photos today as well. I'll post them below.

Mine may be arriving on the 21st. Only 20 days to go !!


Feb-01-2005, 3:45pm
Here is my 21V ...

Feb-01-2005, 3:46pm
Number 2 ...

Feb-01-2005, 3:48pm
#3 is my favorite, I agonized over whether to get tortoise or traditional binding. I'm pleased with the result.

Feb-01-2005, 3:50pm
And the back ...

Bill James
Feb-01-2005, 4:06pm
WOW. Now that's a pair!

Happiness is a new Brentrup...old Brentrup...ANY Brentrup! #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif