View Full Version : Marshall and Anger in Albany NY

Jan-16-2005, 9:47am
Checked out Mike and Darol at the Egg in Albany last night-

plenty of Mandocello - the wickid Monteleone - what a tone
of course Mike did a bunch of Choro on his F5- exquisite, some Bluegrass and Newgrass as well, at psychotic speeds.

But the coolest thing on the planet for me is Darol Anger doin that Chucka- Chucka thing he does - he played a lot of Octave Violin as well

One thing about those 2 guys - they really smile a lot wehen they jam - they really look like 2 oldest of friends just really having a blast.

The Duhks - a young psycho- grass type band from Winnipeg also played - no mando ( unitl Mike Joined in) but the young girl on fiddle really floored me, the rest of the band was awesome as well.

I went on a last minute decision - no regrets!

Mike Marshall is the undisputed king of the Mandocello.

John Rosett
Jan-16-2005, 10:18am
i saw those two on the tour after "the duo" was released. it was a great show. i got the same "best friends having a great time" feeling from their show. i will definately see them when they come to montana in the spring.
my band opened for the duhks last year-what a great band. the groove between the banjo and the percussion was amazing. great folks, too. ask them about getting surprised in the green room by our redneck bass player in missoula. i nearly died of laughter.