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Feb-23-2004, 1:23pm
For affluent fans of such stuff, I just received this e-mail from a book search service:

Your search for: Guitar and Mandolin by Bone
Guitar and Mandolin by Bone, Philip J.
Schott & Co. LTD. London. (1954)

Feb-23-2004, 2:48pm
Well at least it's nice and cheap and only has a few "bumped corners". I'll take 6!http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Feb-23-2004, 2:59pm
I think maybe the whole autographed-and-hand-numbered thing drives the price up a little. I seem to remember scoring my copy for ca. $80.

Jim Garber
Feb-23-2004, 3:02pm
For those who are interested in this book for the content, I have a copy that I would gladly sell to folks on this board. It is the one currently sold on #Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0781207398/ref%3Dnosim/bookfindercom0e/104-4200698-8923169) and B&N for $79. It took about 6 months or them to get it to me a few years ago.

Be aware that this is a library-bound photocopy of the original book but is complete and has all the same information. I have barely used it at all and would sell it for reasonably less than either B&N or Amazon.

BTW it is strnage that Amazon has it for $79 and they list another reprinted one used by another seller for $149. Makes no sense.


Neil Gladd
Feb-23-2004, 3:45pm
I bought my new, original copy in the 1970s for the then outrageous price of $35. That was a LOT for a student, but I had to have it!

Feb-24-2004, 12:04am
Being a relative newcomer, this is a book I haven't heard of yet. What's in it?

Feb-24-2004, 10:48am
What's in it?
Little biographic articles with some illustrations on everybody of note to have had anything to do with classical guitar and/or mandolin by 1914, the date of the first edition. #The second edition came out in 1954 and some biographies were augmented at that time, but I don't think any were added (e.g., D'Alton is not included). #Bone is sometimes criticized as being slightly speculative and for including too much on "major" composers to only be peripherally involved in the title instruments (e.g., Beethoven), but this is still an early classic in our field, rich in verifiable info (alongside the speculative), and worth having (especially if you can find one under US$450).