View Full Version : Kneel Before Him

Feb-23-2004, 12:44am
This is such an incredible tune. Anyone worked up any tab on it yet? I know creekster has...saw it on the forum. Come on, share it if you got it...

I'd like to play it at church one Sunday, but I don't have the luxury of taking time to figure it out...ok, so there's my sob story...

Feb-23-2004, 6:04pm
oh, well...

Christine W
Feb-24-2004, 8:58am
If I'm not mistaken you can order it (the whole book) off of the nickel creek website. Which CD is it on. I get leading off and stealing second mixed up.

Feb-25-2004, 12:28am
it is off of Stealing Second...

yeah, i mix 'em up too...

Izaac Walton
Mar-17-2004, 10:10am
It is in the Stealing Second songbook. Great tune - one of the first Thile tunes I worked up. It's so expressive...