View Full Version : Fast Floyd

Jan-09-2005, 6:25am
Come on Rice boys, give 'em to me

Jan-09-2005, 11:07pm
Am7 Bm7/ C6 Bm7/ Am7/ E9/Am7/D9/ F9/ E9 : repeat . That's what I picked up from the mandozine website and it's actually for a Dave Peters version. I play it during the solo section to comp behind the guitar. As for the chords during the intro, good luck- I'm still noodling that out. I don't know of anybody around these parts around who picks this stuff, so for me it's strictly to back up the folks on the CD. Killer tune. I'm not sure whose version I like better - Tony's off of "Acoustics" or Dave Peters off the live at Ovation's disc. You heard anybody else pick that one?

Jan-10-2005, 5:47am
Thanks, Maxie. That fits some of the changes, I thought there was a iim7/V/IM7 thing going on, too, but your changes seem right.

Agreed on the Rice and Ovations versions, but I think the hottest/cleanest is on Dave's BlasGrass thing.