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bo carter
Feb-22-2004, 9:51pm
I am looking for anyone who has owned or played a Mid Missouri mandolin. I am interested in the M-3 and I want to talk with someone who is familiar with these instruments. Would it be better to spend a little more money and get something better. I am looking for a nice A style for Celtic music.

Feb-22-2004, 9:55pm
It would be great for Celtic!

Feb-22-2004, 10:01pm
I really like mine, it is an M4.

Feb-22-2004, 10:14pm
Another vote for Mid Mo-- I have an M-1 that I'll never sell or trade. A great choice for Celtic, IMO.

Feb-23-2004, 2:29am
I've asked about Mid Mo's on many occasions, and I plan to get one eventually as everyone as said they are excellent mandolins and also would be great for Celtic music. I don't have one, but people heartily recommend them!

Steve L
Feb-23-2004, 6:33am
I've got an M2 and I really like it. #Irish and Scottish music is all I play. #You'll be getting a good instrument at an excellent price made by a great American company. #The dry New England winter weather last year made a brace fail and the top started sagging. #It was not fault of the company and the instrument was out of warranty. #Mike Dulak (who is a riot to talk to) told me to just send it in when I called for a repair estimate... he said he wanted to know all his instruments out there were healthy and that they rarely get one coming back to the factory. They fixed it for free! #No matter what other instruments you wind up owning, you'll never regret getting a Mid Mo. #Used examples turn up often and cheap! #Check the classifieds.

Feb-23-2004, 8:45am
I have a similar story to Steve L's. My M-1 had a "bow" or "hump" in the neck where the neck joins the body. I called just to ask him if he knew of a luthier in my area that could fix it. Even though the mando was 6 or 7 years old, he repaired it for free! It came back good as new with a new finger board and a spare bridge, and he even refinished the top!

You can't go wrong with a company that stands behind a product like Mid Missouri does.

Feb-23-2004, 9:33am
I have the M-4 rosewood sides/back, but I too am curious about the walnut M-3. #Mid Mo's are terrific instruments, with a wonderful deep, resonant sound in the G-strings and D-strings. #Perfect for celtic and old-time fiddle tunes.

Feb-23-2004, 2:32pm
I just played a rosewood mandola that spuds (spud you can chime in if you want or are feeling social) roomate owns. It's a very nice sounding 'dola! Good low end and very easy to play. I'm kind of partial to the simplicity of the design and asthetics as well. All round great instruments, no matter what price category.

Michael H Geimer
Feb-23-2004, 4:30pm
M-11 owner here. I love mine, and totally agree that Mike Dulak is a hoot!

I don't play Celtic, so I can't comment on that particular use myself.

But ... I ended up at my first Old-Time jam yesterday afternoon. (Of course, I brought a big Dreadnaught figuring it to be a BG jam) Next time I'll bring a mandolin, but should I bring the M-11, or my Weber F-style?

... or slightly more on topic ... How suitable would a Mid-mo be in an Old-Time jam?

- Benignus

Feb-23-2004, 5:08pm
Another vote for MId-MO. I have an M-4 and play mostly Celtic and world music. Love it for that purpose and you can't beat the quality/price. Wish it had a radiused fingerboard, although at my level (I have been playing 1.5 years, and only as a hobby) I don't hink it matters much.

Andrew Block

Feb-23-2004, 5:41pm
Great mando's for the money!
they play/sound great!...great woods&workmanship....And they stand behind them if any problems arise!

Can't go wrong with the little bugger's!


bo carter
Feb-23-2004, 8:23pm
Thanks to all who replied in my inquiry of Mid Mo's. I'm convinced. I guess I'll have to seek one out.
Thanks again

Feb-28-2004, 11:51am
Mid-Missouri in Columbia, MO is a great company that provides personal and timely service. They also fill the niche between cheaper imported mandolins and the other fancier American-made instruments. 'Probably the best bang for your buck in celtic-style stringed instruments.

Feb-28-2004, 4:34pm
check out the wide neck mid-mo i found them to be same tone, even better playability.

Feb-29-2004, 3:31am
Everyone on the board who's played them have sung the praises of the mid mo and it's great value.

But how does it compare to other flat top instruments at a higher price point? Anyone compare them to one of Jimmy Moons instruments? (I had a chance to play one of Jimmys flat tops and the tone just sparkled) How about to the y2k?


Feb-29-2004, 6:17am
I played a Y2K and did not feel it measured up in volume to my M-4 Mid Missouri. The M-4 is Rosewood, with the Y2K being mahogany so it may have been more realistic to compare the mahogany Mid Missouri models (M-0 and M-1). Price wise the Y2K is a couple of hundred more than the M-4 I believe. The Weber does come with a case.

I have also played the Weber Aspen and in my opinion it is better than either, but of course the price is much higher, but still reasonable, just out of my range just now. Maybe when the house is paid for.

About 4 months ago I posted about having ordered a Weber Universal tailpiece for the M-4. I am still waiting for it, it was to be for Christmas. I ordered it in mid September. I have been holding off changing strings, but I think I will have to do that now, it isn't sounding that well with these old ones.

Feb-29-2004, 5:18pm

You'll like the new tailpiece. I put one on my m-1 (along with a set of grover tuners to match). To my ear, it had a positive effect on tone and volume.

I'll post a pic to follow...


Feb-29-2004, 5:20pm
Mid-mo m-1 with weber tailpiece and grover tuners...

Mar-01-2004, 12:31pm
What about a mid mo M-0 vs a Parsons flat top?

Mar-09-2004, 10:29am
i purchased an M-3 off the classifieds, its in the back of a UPS truck between here and new orleans, i'll post a review after it arrives and acclimates itself to Florida (coming from NM) here's a new song in honor of it's arrival to the tune of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues, add a verse if you like

I purchased me a mid-mo
she coming round the bend

spose to be here tomorrow
but i really don't know when

cause shes stuck in new orleans
and she caint get thru

but when that brown truck shoooooooooows up
I'll pen a review for you..........

when i get that mid-mo
tell you what i'll do

take her to the jam boys
show em what she can do

we're gonna take on them MK's,
MM's and Kentuckys too

and when we get all done
they'll wish bought a mid-mo too.........

flog on.....

Eric F.
Mar-09-2004, 10:27pm
Ajvessey, you asked about an M-0 versus Parsons flattop. I have owned an M-1, which is the same as an M-0 except for the binding, and currently own a Parsons flattop. You can take my opinion with a grain of salt, since my Parsons is now for sale in the classifieds.

Both are very nice mandolins and tremendous bargains. The Mid-Mo I owned developed a very sweet tone after about a year. Perhaps the mahogany back contributed to its mellow sound. I enjoyed playing Bach on it, as well as fiddle tunes.

My Parsons has a walnut back. I believe it is a little louder, and not quite as sweet-sounding as the Mid-Mo. It is perhaps a little better at cutting through other instruments, but won't fool anyone into thinking it's an arch top. My brother-in-law, who is a really amazing guitarist, proclaimed after we had played together for about an hour, "Now THAT'S what a mandolin should sound like." Note that he didn't say I sounded like a mandolin PLAYER should sound like.

The Parsons sounds terrific with D'Addario flatwound strings and with Thomastiks. I tried phosphor bronze strings and took them off after two weeks. It sounded tinny and harsh. It is very well built, but about as no frills as you can get.

Really, you can't go wrong with a Mid-Mo. I only know one other person with a Parsons, and he is happy with his, but I know lots of happy Mid-Mo owners.

Mar-10-2004, 2:23pm

I'll be interested to hear how you like the mid mo. Which model did you get? I've got one on the way to Florida as well, but mine will be about a week behind yours.

Mar-10-2004, 3:32pm
Dioptase, thanks for asking, i just tuned it up and played a few songs. my main mando is a Randy Wood F5 varnish that can hang with any at the top end. i've owned a tacoma, harmony, and ibanez, regularly can play a couple kentucky's, MK's, a rattlesnake, gibson F's, A's etc. i got it for festival season as a travel companion, i didn't expect it to be a RW of course but this is what i got;

the tacoma was finished better
the mid-mo sounds better than all the imports and the tacoma
the mid-mo plays well, not as good as the tacoma, but as good or better than the imports, the action is fairly low,
decent bass end, excellent treble side, pretty fair chop, i'll play BG with it any day,(when the banjo is on break), very pleasant tone
all in all a great investment ($375 whsc) and one i would recommend. i sold my tacoma for 400 whsc and i think they can be found for around 5-600 used. I like the tacoma as a learner because it plays so well, stays in tune, and is extremely well constructed. i like the tone of the midmo however and it would be a tough choice side by side but i would probably end up choosing on the basis of the tone.(midmo).

Mar-11-2004, 9:37pm
I just got a M-0, and I'm loving it. I played every model the store had (about 10), and everything from M-0 to M-4 and an M-11. The M-0 sounded best to my ears, and the setup was about as good as you could ask. The total price with the hardshell case was around 510, and I have looked around alot. This thing is truly incredible for the price. I don't see how you could possible go wrong.

Mar-17-2004, 2:33am
Another satisfied Mid Mo owner. Just got my M-1 from federal express. You may remember the brown stained top from the classifieds recently. Sounds beautiful.. I bought it as a travel instrument but I think it'll be getting a share of attention at home. Like steadyplunk just commented, I don't know how anyone could go wrong with one. It would make a good first instrument, it would make a good second instrument. I'm sure for many players it would serve them well as an only instrument for a long, long time.

Mar-18-2004, 8:02am
Side question:

Anyone here care to comment as to which model of Mid-Mo offers the brightest tone?

Mar-18-2004, 9:26am
Probably the M-2 with maple back and sides.