View Full Version : L5 shaped Octave mando makers?

Larry S Sherman
Jan-05-2005, 5:41am

I've been thinking of getting an octave mando, and I'm really attracted to the jazz archtop-guitar shaped ones like Tim O'Brien's Nugget or the Rozawood K5 (pictures here: http://www.galleryofstrings.com/1instruments/RozK5proto.html).

I know this shape is much less traditional for an octave, but do you know who else is making these?

Thanks, Larry

Ted Eschliman
Jan-05-2005, 6:12am
Bill Bussmann's "Old Wave Mandolins"


More dandy eye candy (http://www.zianet.com/bussmann/photo_oct.html) on his site...

Jan-05-2005, 12:51pm
I was going to have John Zeidler make me one (maybe not exactly L5 shape, but a traditional jazz guitar style body) before he died of leukemia in '02. Judging by his mandos, the F style mandola and mandocello he made (only one of each that I am aware of), not to mention his archtop guitar prowess, it would have been AMAZING...

Jan-05-2005, 1:37pm
I have a Paul Duff 'cello that I like alot...

Michael Lewis
Jan-08-2005, 1:49am
I have some of those in the works. For me it's a natural combination of mandolin and arch top guitar experience. It will be a while before they are "visible", as I can't start them for several months, but it's sort of exciting to ponder the process.

Jan-08-2005, 8:00am
Not exactly the same, but....I've been looking into the mandocellos made this way because I think they seem to be a bit more comfortable to hang onto and play. I am borrowing a Gibson '20's cello, and while I know it's a classic, it is really HUGE to play for someone small like me (5"2"), whereas I CAN handle an L-5 guitar due to its shape....

Jan-08-2005, 10:23am
paul lestock of arrow guitars makes these. he has made one i believe for radim zenkl.