View Full Version : Dock Boggs - Sugar Baby

Jan-04-2005, 12:59am
Has anyone worked out Dock Boggs' Sugar Baby? That's a good song.

Jan-04-2005, 8:41am
one year at merlefest i watched tera nevins & friends w/peter rowan play it & they simplified the riff using an E chord to a G. i don't know if it's correct, but that's how i play it.

Jan-18-2005, 6:15am
I have pimped this book before...
New lost City Rambler's put out a book called "Old time string band song book".
I know sugar baby is in there, and i know that it was seeger who tracked boggs down in the 60's for the "folkways years".
Great tune.
I think that wayne erbesen (sp?) has it in one or two of his books too, but the format is a little different, and to be honest, i wasn't crazy for his arrangment.

Jan-18-2005, 4:17pm
I'll keep an eye out for that book; thanks.

Feb-02-2005, 11:41pm
I'm glad you guys mentioned this one. I found it in my university's music library.

Old-time string band songbook / edited by John Cohen and Mike
Seeger ; musical transcriptions by Hally Wood.
New York : Oak Publications, 1976.

Feb-03-2005, 3:18am
Is sugar baby one of the tunes? I found a table of contents on the net, and didn't see that name. There's one in the reference dept of the central library, but I haven't been down to dig it up yet.

Feb-03-2005, 10:41pm
It's called "Red Rocking Chair" on page 34. Same tune though, even plugs Dock in the bio.

Feb-06-2005, 7:25pm
Great. I'll go down and dig it out.

Thank you.