View Full Version : No Blackberry Blossom on Alltabs?

Feb-22-2004, 9:03am
I've enjoyed alltabs and the quality sheet music it 'produces' when used with tefview, as opposed to alltabs' text versions. However, I am surprised Blackberry Blossom isn't there... Does anyone have a .tef version of BB?

John Ritchhart
Feb-22-2004, 9:11am
There are six versions in the co-mando tef files.

J. Mark Lane
Feb-23-2004, 12:16pm
Yeah. I suggest the Mike Stangland version as a nice starter piece...

(he he he)

Feb-23-2004, 4:18pm
Thanks guys,

I got em downloaded and sent to home. I also took Black Mountain Rag (listening to a Dan Crary Version right now on my PC.)