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Scotti Adams
Nov-09-2003, 8:00am
...Im starting a new band...got any ideas?

Nov-09-2003, 9:31am
If you have any kin in the band, how about the Adams Family? (although the old show was spelled Adamms and there may be a copyright thing, too).

"They're creepy and they're spooky, mysterious and wooky, they're altogther ooky, the Adamms Family."


dirk van coevorden
Nov-09-2003, 9:49am
"Beam me Up" ? scotti & starfleet? :D

Scotti Adams
Nov-09-2003, 10:05am
I like that Dirk....no kin in the band Alan....or that would be a possibility

Nov-09-2003, 10:08am
somewhere on this or a similar site, i remember a band name generator?????

Nov-09-2003, 11:08am
Magnus and the mule lovers

Ken Berner
Nov-09-2003, 2:47pm
How about "Barb's Wire Company"? No? Then maybe "Handpicked"! Last, but not least, "Vintage Whine".

Lots of luck to you and your group!!!

Scotti Adams
Nov-09-2003, 3:09pm
..hey..thanks guys...keep 'em coming

Nov-09-2003, 3:48pm
I liked "The Bluegrass Buds" but it wouldnt fly with our guys.

jim simpson
Nov-09-2003, 4:09pm
The Haiku String Band

Nov-09-2003, 5:00pm
I think it has to include "Mountain", "Foggy" and either "Family" or "Brothers". That kind of narrows it down.

I think if I ever had a bluegrass band I'd call it "Unleaded Grass". But I'm not very creative http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Nov-09-2003, 5:10pm
ok... how about "Foggy Bluegrass Buds" http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Nov-09-2003, 5:25pm
"Smokey Gulch Pals"
is what the cafe's own Random Bad Bluegrass Band Namer (http://www.mandolincafe.com/archives/bandnames/) came up with..

Nov-09-2003, 6:45pm
I think Handpicked is a great suggestion! I used it once for a band that played about 3 gigs.

I've got a buch of ideas for dog names, but bands are more difficult...I always wanted to use the name Rocket Science, but never have.


Nov-09-2003, 7:21pm
Lloyd and the Bluegrass Loar
BMW and the BRW's
Adamshame http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

John Flynn
Nov-09-2003, 7:47pm
There are four band naming processes I like. Method One: Take a really esoteric tune title, or part of a tune title, that is really catchy and use that as the band name. My band "Mississipi Snag," is an example, another is a local group in my area, "The Black-eyed Susies."

Method Two: Take a geographic reference and add a common old-time descriptor such as "stringband," "ramblers," "boys," "rounders," etc. Examples would be "The Ill-Mo Boys" and the "Fuzzy Mountain String Band." BTW, the geographic reference does not have to be an actual place. It may be better if it isn't. It should just sound good.

Method Three: Take two things that don't normally go #together and combine them. The less sense the comination makes, the better. Two local examples: "Cousin Curtis and the Cash Rebates" and "Miss Crystal and the Codgers."

Method Four: Use 1-3 above for social satire. Two of my favorite band names come from Birmingham, AL. "Red Mountain White Trash" takes a real geographic reference and sends-up a stereotype about people who play old-time music from the South. "Vulcan's Britches" referes to a naked statue of the mythic god Vulcan in a park in Birmingham. The use of Vulcan is meant to symbolize the city's history of steel mandufacturing. There was a debate about whether or not the city should put pants on the statue. Hence the name of the band. Both are great, great bands, BTW.

mando bandage
Nov-09-2003, 8:01pm
Folk Loar

But, I guess you'd probably have to have one.


Nov-09-2003, 9:33pm
Grass Itch

Nov-09-2003, 10:17pm
Scotti and The Holler Tones

A. Holler Tones = redneck for "Bluegrass from where my trailer is hooked up"

B. Holler Tones = redneck for "acoustic instrument sound"


Nov-09-2003, 10:19pm
I like the fictional names like blank and the blank blanks, where the first blank is a fictional character rather than the name of the band leader.
Example: Lewd Leroy and the Landgrabbers.
Probably more of a blues thing than a bluegrass thing. Hey, waitaminute,
Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. (only Rhonda isn't fictional).

Nov-09-2003, 10:23pm
I used to play in a band with a guy named Richard Tate. He was always calling the shots, so his derogatory nickname was "Dick Tater". We wanted to name the band "Dick Tate and the Dictators". But of course he shot it down.

Mike Bunting
Nov-09-2003, 10:40pm
I heard a band called Al Tuck and No Action

Nov-10-2003, 12:48am
The Adams Family

Scotti Adams
Nov-10-2003, 7:25am
I think it has to include "Mountain", "Foggy" and either "Family" or "Brothers". That kind of narrows it down.

I think if I ever had a bluegrass band I'd call it "Unleaded Grass". But I'm not very creative http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif
...nope it doesnt have to include this stuff...the band in going to be more contemporary in nature...but with a foot in the past as well as in the future. New acoustic stuff as well as some new grass, if you will....

jim simpson
Nov-10-2003, 8:21am
Scotti and the Big Scioto Boys

Scotti Adams
Nov-10-2003, 8:33am
cool...Jim...but to tell you the truth...I dont think my name is going to be out front....this is more of a group effort....which is more than Ok by me

Tom C
Nov-10-2003, 8:38am
"Bluegrass Buds" - I like that one!

Nov-10-2003, 9:04am

I've got sundown/dawn stuff on the brain as it suggests the junction between future and past.

Attempting to fire up the brainstorm generator...sputter, cough, sputter...

Days of Future Past
Into the Sunrise
Sun Done Gone
Midnight Harvest
__String Co.

this is tough....Good luck


Nov-10-2003, 9:16am
Monkey Trailride

If you don't you this one I'm gonna use it for my new funkgrass project...

Scotti Adams
Nov-10-2003, 9:58am
...neat Ben..but I dont think it will work for us...so you can use it...:0)

Dennis Schubert
Nov-10-2003, 10:08am
On a serious note...if your band is good and you think you might be together for a while, don't pick a name that is so cute you'll grow tired of it...or even be embarrased by it a year down the road.

A band name based on a bad pun or a raunchy double entendre gets pretty stale after while...and may even become an obstacle when trying to get those high-paying "dignified" gigs...choose something that sounds both rural and dignified, and you can't go wrong.

But, don't tag yourself with something as passe as the "River Mountain Valley County Boys" either.

Nov-10-2003, 10:35am
Okay,Ironweed shot me down before I could post this suggestion(since it is based on a bad pun AND a double entendre) but here goes anyway,how about "THE CHIXIE DIX" or for your literary crowd "THE APES OF WRATH"

Nov-10-2003, 10:43am
How 'bout yer signature: "Stay Tuned" http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/cool.gif

Nov-10-2003, 11:05am
I like food, so...

Eel & Wasabi
Goat Casserole
Goat Gristle
Army Of Cows
Pickled Horse Tongue
Roast Boar
Suckling Pig Breakfast
Wolf Tartar
Octopus Compote

The possibilities are endless, depending on how weird or rural you want it to sound. Or White Trash/Black Heart...

Tom C
Nov-10-2003, 11:22am
Gee pklima,
You may have well added The Turn Your Head and Coughs or
The Painful Rectal Itches

Jim M.
Nov-10-2003, 11:27am
Miami Valley Hayride
Greene County Pickers

Nov-10-2003, 11:35am
Xenia Warrior Princes

Scotti Adams
Nov-10-2003, 11:52am
you guys are great..I can see you have really done your homework on me......where I live and such....hey I might make a contest out of this....if I can find something to give away....lol..... http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Nov-10-2003, 12:02pm
I had a friend who wanted to start a country-techno-punk gay band, and I suggested he call it Yeehaw Massacre. I guess that name might work for straight bluegrass as well. His band never materialized... I wonder why?

Nov-10-2003, 12:23pm
The Bluegrass Holes

Nov-10-2003, 12:31pm
hey scotti how about these:

the Native Americans,
Quickdraw and the Revolvers
the riflemen
the Greene County Bluegrass Militia (is Xenia in Greene County?)
the Torpedos
Hot Tamale and the Burrito Boys

or one of my favorites the Grass Kickers but probably been used before...

Darryl Wolfe
Nov-10-2003, 12:43pm
Tornado Alley

Fred G
Nov-10-2003, 12:45pm
The one name I got from the name generator that I liked was "The lost washboard grasscutters"

Nov-10-2003, 12:46pm
The Greene County Fugitives

Nov-10-2003, 12:59pm
Miami Railroad
Xenia Tornado
Xenia Rapid Transit
Galloway's Cabin

Nov-10-2003, 1:09pm
Free Beer

You should always have plenty of people at your gigs.

Scotti Adams
Nov-10-2003, 1:15pm
..well...Bare Nakit Ladies was already taken...

Scotti Adams
Nov-10-2003, 1:17pm
imaginations run rapant here

jim simpson
Nov-10-2003, 1:55pm
I am sure you have already checked, but if not, it's a good idea to check Bluegrass Unimited's yearly published band list. I used to have a group called Haywire and for a couple of years I would get a call from someone asking how long we had been using the name, etc. We were local/regional so it probably didn't matter if another group also used the name. But once they got famous, we could prove we used it first, sue them, and get rich! I guess it's the only way you could make money playing bluegrass.

Nov-10-2003, 1:56pm
The Chicksy-Dicks

...whatda think??

John Flynn
Nov-10-2003, 2:05pm
Walter: LOL!

Prince is not using that symbol for "The Artist Formerly Known as..." anymore. It's up for grabs. The comedian Sinbad once said, "How do you pronounce that thing anyway...'Car Keys?'"

Bobbie Dier
Nov-10-2003, 2:57pm
Bluegrass Burners
The Strangers
Bluegrass Travelers (Too much like Blues Travelers???)
Bill's Army
Monroes Charge
Monroe's Ghost(Is that one taken?)
Bluegrass City Jam

Nov-10-2003, 3:40pm
Hey Walter,you're stealing my ideas(and I thought I was so clever).I think you could add a little to Mteresko's idea an call yourselves"FREE BEER & NAKED LADIES" you would probably pack the house any where you played.Just imagine your bands new name on the sign down at your local pub with additions added underneath like "TONIGHT ONLY" or "LIVE & UNPLUGGED".C'mon Scotti whadaya think?

Scotti Adams
Nov-10-2003, 6:11pm
....while being very interesting mandoholic....I dont think thats what Im quite looking for....kinda risque if ya know what I mean...

Nov-10-2003, 6:37pm
Hey Scott....what's this I hear about a contest? I still like "Ohiyos" best.

Nov-10-2003, 6:42pm
Stay Tuned

Nov-10-2003, 7:15pm
How about "The Strung-up String Band"

Django Fret
Nov-10-2003, 7:44pm
Where is Mandodude when you really need him?

I'll bet he probably already played in bands with most of the names mentioned so far...

Scotti Adams
Nov-10-2003, 7:46pm
..yea Im thinkn about making this a contest...but at this point i dont have any prizes....Ive either sold or givin away all the things that I have no use for.....I may be coming into a load of strings sometime soon..so maybe I could give some strings away....I will have to just wait and see....but until then just keep playing...this is fun...

Nov-10-2003, 8:03pm
Everest Mountain Boys

Higher than Clinch Mountain that's for sure.

Nov-10-2003, 8:15pm
Scotti is from Ohio, I think so...
The Buckeye Bluegrass Band?
The Woody Hayes Acoustic Project? (the accronym is cool -W.H.A.P.)

In a lighter vein...
String 'em up Boys (may already be taken)
Start Over (man, we've all heard that&#33http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

See ya over at BGR Scotti, good luck!

Nov-10-2003, 9:14pm
Five Fingered Pickers
Plucked Heart Strings
Strung Out Tight

Nov-10-2003, 10:59pm
The Backwoods Boys

Nov-10-2003, 11:10pm
(Spoken in a craggy voice): In my day, people thought up their own band names, or stole 'em off of their best friends or former lovers. (Sigh) These kids today, I tell ya...

Nov-10-2003, 11:14pm
The Ruthless Toothless Stringband!

Them wound strings don't work too well for flossin'

Nov-10-2003, 11:24pm
Howz about "Phospher blonds"

Nov-10-2003, 11:25pm
Sticky Pick band

Nov-10-2003, 11:43pm
Now Playing

The New Traditions

Bobbie Dier
Nov-11-2003, 5:47am
There was a band near me in the next county called "The Cocke County Cork Suckers". I don't think they are together anymore. You might use that name. You could call your band "The New Cocke County Cork Suckers"

Nov-11-2003, 6:04am
"Aye, aye, Captain." #(I hope that wasn't already mentioned...I'm too bleary-eyed to carefully read this whole thread...) #Good luck!

Nov-11-2003, 9:29pm
There was a band near me in the next county called "The Cocke County Cork Suckers".
WHOA!! #I ain't NEVER played in no band called... ahhhh... errr.... what she said!


Nov-11-2003, 9:40pm
Pickers Anonymous
Horse Man Yours
the mandoughnuts
the Gluebrass string band
grass stains
the acoustic accidentals

(that was fun)

Nov-12-2003, 12:23am
Horse Man Yours
Oh look! #There's damanda! #I was wondering where daplaya dissappeared to... #Horse Man Yours??? #Where'd that come from?

Nov-12-2003, 2:46am
Gaby and the pluckers

dirk van coevorden
Nov-12-2003, 6:39am
foggy mountain breakthrough?

Nov-12-2003, 6:55am
Free Beer

You should always have plenty of people at your gigs.
That's fur sure http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Ted Eschliman
Nov-12-2003, 7:18am
You don't have to look any farther than some of the thread titles in today's MC Discussion Board:

The Bolt-ons
Mando Frogs
Gibson Master Models
String Clearance
Quality of Life
Pickin' for the Last 10 Months
Distressed Mando
The Hardwoods
(and my personal favorite)
Hand Cramps

Tom C
Nov-12-2003, 8:14am
The Flowerpots

Nov-12-2003, 8:15am
The Not Necessarily Bluegrass Acoustic String Band[B]

Nov-12-2003, 8:18am
Mandohack has the right idea...that has mucho potential. The Master Models would probably work as a band name if you took the G** off the front there.

Scotti Adams
Nov-12-2003, 9:11am
..there is some good stuff happening here

Nov-12-2003, 9:14am
Engineer Scott and the Earthtones

Nov-12-2003, 9:46am
more brainstorming...words...random...

maple, spruce, tone ring, mossback (very big largemouth bass, if any fishermen in band), carved tops, scroll envy, tap-tuned, soundholes, pearl rosette, herringbones,

eeek, boss coming, must feign work!

Nov-12-2003, 11:40am
Yep, I like "Stay Tuned" as well, or maybe "Caint Stay Tuned" if you have a banjer picker in the band.

Kevin M
Nov-12-2003, 11:50am
I won't be using my personal fave, "Monroe Doctrine" anytime soon, but I think that's better as an album title anyway.
Yonder Mountain String Band evolved from the Bluegrassholes - must be a great T-Shirt.

Some other thoughts off the top of my head:

Banjo Serial Killers
Dirk Matter and the Superstrings the Physicists will get it)

Nov-12-2003, 12:57pm

If your band has a guitarist, a fiddler, a mandolinist, and an inbred retard, you could call it:

18 Strings and a G-ddamned Banjo... http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Nov-12-2003, 1:07pm

Nov-12-2003, 1:08pm
Where do you live? I heard a band from Upchuck WV, they called themselves the Vominteers!LOL!! It's True.

Nov-12-2003, 1:22pm
For a while I called my group "AD Hoc Bluegrass," because we seldom had the same guys two times in a row. A lot of people didn't know what Ad Hoc meant, so we went to "That Loco Blue Grass Band." That got old so now we are playing under an old name coined by one of the guys in an earlier group. "Summer Harvest." How about something like "The Wistiful Pickers?"

Scotti Adams
Nov-12-2003, 1:55pm
I won't be using my personal fave, "Monroe Doctrine" anytime soon, but I think that's better as an album title anyway.
Yonder Mountain String Band evolved from the Bluegrassholes - must be a great T-Shirt.

Some other thoughts off the top of my head:

Banjo Serial Killers
Dirk Matter and the Superstrings the Physicists will get it)
..there was a band at one time called Monroe Doctrine...I dont know if they are still in exsistance...

Nov-12-2003, 2:25pm
"We picked up Red Man as a sponsor, so we renamed our bluegrass/poser-metal band to Motley Chue ..."

Nov-20-2003, 1:08am
I think you should choose a name personal to you, or like many have suggested, to your geographic region. Two bands down here in Orlando Florida have incredibly relevant, and cool names.

The Flat Mountain Boys
The River Bottom Nightmare Band

Haha.. I think Flat Mountain Boys, for a Florida Bluegrass band, is simply genius. And the River Bottom.. well, if you've spent as many nights sleeping in the swamps as I have.. you'd understand.
Actually.. I first heard bluegrass camping out by a Florida River.. no, not Suwannee.. the Econlockhachee! Changed my life..


Nov-20-2003, 1:16am
You'd better not use the Plum Yonder Boys,
Cause that one's *mine*
You can find me at Suwannee..
Plum Yonder Camp and Kitchen.

Nov-20-2003, 1:26pm
Scotti, The way I picture you is how you presented yourself on page 2 of the "Post a Picture of Yourself" thread. 3 guys holding gorgeous mandos (including a '23 Loar and a '25 Fern I believe) and not a smile on your faces.

So, maybe something can come from that. Are Brian and your son in the band?

I can't think of anything good offhand but perhaps....Scotti and the Dental Records...


Scotti Adams
Nov-20-2003, 5:33pm
..I kinda like that....nope neither my son nor Brian is in the band....not yet...anyway

Charlie Derrington
Nov-20-2003, 6:28pm
Hey Scotti..

If it were "Punk" Grass you could use the Monroe Shocks or even better, The Dead Lesters........

Scotti Adams
Nov-20-2003, 7:53pm
..I like the Monroe Shocks....

Nov-21-2003, 8:30am
The Dead Lesters is great, Charlie...just rolls right off the tongue, don't it?

Nov-21-2003, 8:44am
Aliston Krust and Union Central
Crickel Neek
The Grass Holes

Nov-21-2003, 11:27am
I apologize in advance:

Neverland Ranch Boys

Charlie Derrington
Nov-21-2003, 12:38pm
How about Curley Seckler and the Seck Pistols?

Nov-21-2003, 1:14pm
The Grits & Gravy Grass Band (say 3 times real fast)

Backporch Wailer's

Snuff & Taters

The Old ##### #
(if you have female band members) *Old ##### & Tarts*

Nov-21-2003, 4:58pm
Dale, how about The Old Fart and the Outhouse band.

Bill James
Nov-21-2003, 6:43pm
SadMan WhoSang and the Axe's of Evil

Dang where'd that come from, I gotta get some rest!

Nov-21-2003, 7:01pm
Ron....I'd be afraid of a typo...

The Old Fart in the Outhouse band

Nov-21-2003, 9:27pm
How about Dead stringers?

mad dawg
Nov-24-2003, 12:43pm
How about something cheerful like Broken Heart and the Lost Loves.

Nov-24-2003, 1:01pm
and "petroleum stringband" ? http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/glare.gif

Karen Kay
Nov-24-2003, 1:39pm
I've always liked "3 out of 4 Musicians"

Nov-24-2003, 6:04pm
What a tremendous amount of creativity on this thread -- I love it! I still think mandohack's approach is a definite winner -- taking names from the thread titles! Here's some more recent ones:

The Dawg Pound
Tunings and Innovations
The New Digital Bluegrass Clocks
The Strange Ebay F5's
The Rattlesnake Tails
In Need of a Teacher
The Bar Pole Pickups
The Peg Winders
MandoCowboy and the Strap Wraps
The F Hole Cutters
String Clearance
Michigan Hardwood
The Tapered Pegheads

I like it, I really do.

Nov-24-2003, 6:10pm
Dale, I guess you are right about that. My band is the Outcast band, and one of our friends introduced us one night as the outhouse band.

Nov-24-2003, 6:18pm
Methyl, Ethyl and the Keytones

Undercover Brother
Nov-24-2003, 7:59pm
The Epicac Mountain Boys.

(See... 'Syrup of Epicac' is used in first aid kits to induce vomiting. It's gotta come from somewhere, right? That way, if your band blows chunks, at least the audience will know what they're getting into.)


Scotti Adams
Nov-24-2003, 8:04pm
..Im glad to see this thread is still active....we still havent decided yet..I have taken a few of the suggestions to the other members though....

Bob Sayers
Nov-24-2003, 8:55pm
Long about 1825,
I left Tennessee very much alive.
Never woulda made it through the Arkansas mud,
If I hadn't been a-riding on the...

Tennessee Studs.

Scotti Adams
Nov-24-2003, 9:02pm
..we are far from being studs..lol....

Nov-24-2003, 9:36pm
Tennessee Dud's ??

Scotti Adams
Nov-25-2003, 12:00am
..thats better Dale....

John Flynn
Nov-26-2003, 9:57am
There is a thread title that just came up in the Equipment section of the board that I think would be a great band name, I'm not kidding:

"Rusty Tailpiece and the Tuners"

Nov-26-2003, 10:29am
How About #"Draggin Our Wagons" http://mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Nov-26-2003, 10:35am
i've always liked "The I Can't Believe it's a Band Band"...funny, nobody else seems to like it:(

Nov-26-2003, 10:46am
Hot Sauce
Circle the Wagons

Tom C
Nov-26-2003, 10:50am
I'm in the same situation, looking for a name. I've been pushing my friends for
'Bent Strings'

Nov-26-2003, 11:32am
Caint Stay Tuned

mad dawg
Nov-26-2003, 2:42pm
How about a Bluegrass-themed boy band: "The Backwoods Boys".

Nov-27-2003, 9:31am
Heres a few:
Sublime Tortoise
Mangled Spinach
Forest Green Counselor
Decent Quiver
Leaving Hail
Perfect Abraham
Extra-Strength Parakeet
Bluegrass of the Bizarre
Bluegrass Ozone
Prickly Bluegrass
Rabid Jerky
Grits Soup
Ignorant Brother
Ninth Knuckle
Grits Reactor
Mandolin Hill
Western Sandwich
Mangled Mandolin
Guitar Hank
(Name of your State, County, anything) Bluegrass Fiasco

Good Luck!
Nick Picard


Dec-08-2003, 11:34am
How 'bout

Mando-frogs at the wheel
Scotti and the grommetts?

Dec-09-2003, 1:36pm

Forgive me if you've covered this in the thread and I missed it.....Did you decide on a name? Was it "Kentucky Ridge" or is that another band.


Scotti Adams
Dec-09-2003, 5:34pm
..that was another band..I helped them out on their Cd and played a few gigs with them....thanks for the inquiry..I still havent come up with a name for the band that Im putting together...even though there has been some great suggestions in this thread....6 pages and goin strong..

Dec-09-2003, 6:32pm
Here's a couple...

97 Octane
The Grasslanders
Lone Grangers
Granger Station
Green River Bluegrass

Dec-22-2003, 9:45am
Too bad Homer Simpson used the name 'The B Sharps'

I always wanted to call our band 'Legends in our own Minds'

mad dawg
Dec-22-2003, 11:29am
Here's one inspired by both "O Brother", and my Australian Shepherds Jack and Arnie*: The Fuzzy Bottom Boys

(*Note: Arnie is named after Arnold Palmer -- Palmer!)

Dec-22-2003, 11:41am
How's about…"The Well-Hungover Bluegrass Boys"


Ken Berner
Dec-22-2003, 12:30pm
Ate at a Central FL eatery called "Stumpknockers"; not bad for a band name. Bee Flatt (no kin to Lester or them Rascals) might work. OR . . . .

Ohio Wire Company
Middle Age Crazy
Simon Kenton's Revenge
Bucket of Buckeyes
Jonah And The Wailers (not original)

Best wishes for a great Christmas, Scotti!

mad dawg
Dec-22-2003, 1:14pm
Or borrow from the Simpsons, and call the band The B Sharps.

Scotti Adams
Dec-22-2003, 1:52pm
..best Wishes to you Ken...as a well as all you other fine folk out there........you all have been a big help in the name quest.... # ~Scotti~

Dec-23-2003, 1:56pm
Free Willy and the Whalers

John Flynn
Dec-23-2003, 4:01pm
Maverick: LOL!

How about: "Free Willy's Funeral"

Dec-23-2003, 4:14pm
... or perhaps "Willy's Free"

Dec-23-2003, 4:23pm
I've always thought that "The Winking Sphincters" would be a good name.

Ken Berner
Dec-24-2003, 11:26am
Hey neal, weren't they some unholy group out of Egypt? I think their b@njO picker was sort of half-fast and the bass player used to be with the Semi-noles down in the Clearwater area.

Scotti Adams
Dec-24-2003, 11:28am
..how about the Southern Ohio Satellites...??? S.O.S. for short

John Ritchhart
Dec-29-2003, 10:08am
Scotti,here are some locally turgid references:
Xenia Phobia
Jade Canton
My own favorite - We Happy Few
Turgid Reference
Cubs Lose, Cubs Lose
Bleeding Gums Murphy
Dixie Chits and the Marketing Disaster
The Gibson Flowerpots
The Jeb&W Bushwackers
The Scotti Plectrum Project
Snide Remark and the Double Entendre

Dru Lee Parsec
Jan-02-2004, 7:12pm
Poltry in motion
Manley Mann (a 60's retro british pop bluegrass band)
The green mountain taxi dancers. (for some reason the phrase "Taxi Dancers" just seems cool)
No Way Ooot (Ooot rhymes with "Loot". It's a Canadian band)
Catherine Turner Overdrive
Atomic Death Monkeys

Of course, non of these are as bizarre as bands that I've actually played in:

Jonny Monza and the flaming ponies of death
formerly: Jonny Monza and the ponies
formerly: Jonny Monza
Blind Melon Daquari and the Continental Breakfast (all star blues review)

With the Return Of The King now showing I expect to see a bunch of bands called "Middle Earth" again. Did you know that before the band Boston was called Boston they were "Middle Earth"?

But can you beat these REAL band names:
Hammers of Misfortune
Type O Negative
Unholy Cadaver (the former name of Hammers of Misfortune)
Slough Feh

Jan-04-2004, 10:11am
I think there are many names of bands on this site:

(Many of them looks to the names I read on that thread) http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/coffee.gif

Jan-04-2004, 11:15am
Ken, that was the "Winking SpinXters" #The Winking Sphincters were a band formed by a group of proctologists. Remember that top 40 hit with the line "can't write with my thermometer, some #a**-***e #has my pen"? #Real popular among MDs and 6th graders.

Dead Lesters....Charlie!

Jan-04-2004, 8:21pm
Killur Turkeys
Sixteen Tons

Some that I've suggested for convention pick-up bands.

Scotti Adams
Jan-08-2004, 1:57pm
hey Jacob....now why didnt think of that....Brilliant!!

mad dawg
Jan-11-2004, 7:02pm
Dru: my favorite so far is your Poultry in Motion. LMAO!!!

Jan-15-2004, 12:42am
Phospher Blonz

Jan-15-2004, 1:01am
How about Ned Beatty and the Lonely Mountain Boys? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Jan-15-2004, 9:51am
Some friends tried to use the name The Fiddling Gyno and his Bushmen at a local competition once but the judges wouldn't let them. Can't imagine why.

Jan-15-2004, 1:24pm
Dang it, aint you picked a name yet?

John Flynn
Jan-15-2004, 1:29pm
Yeah, come on Scott, pick a winner! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Scotti Adams
Jan-15-2004, 5:38pm
..Im likin Stone Road..thats the road I live on...and one I thought of myself..Random Choice....thats about as vague as I can get

Michael H Geimer
Jan-15-2004, 7:26pm
How 'bout Daddy Claxton?
... and I'm thinkin' to suggest Pancake Breakfast as a name for my current BG group ... of course we'd have to come up with The Pancake Breakfast Breakdown.

Jan-15-2004, 10:08pm
Geeeez. What kind of poet are you?

Scotti Adams
Jan-31-2004, 9:49am
..drum roll please.....Random Choice....it is

Jan-31-2004, 11:02am
Snob Hobbin? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

Jan-31-2004, 11:26am
How 'bout Daddy Claxton?

Been there... done that!

This shot's from one of my old bands, circa. mid-70's (really... honest... I ain't kiddin'!). Note the name of the band posted on the barn.

Oh... which one is ol' M'dude? Let's just say that the good guy always wears a white hat!


Jan-31-2004, 11:53am
Yeah...right...I still think it's the dude wearin' glasses...

Jan-31-2004, 11:57am

Jan-31-2004, 12:06pm
Yo! Dude! Whoever you are...you're a cool cat!

Feb-01-2004, 6:37pm
Is it too late to suggest Shaved Fennel?

Feb-03-2004, 3:56pm
After playing 'I want it my way' (as a joke, i swear!) with a friend of mine, we decided we'd be the newest boy band sensation. I think it was the Nickleback Creek Boys or something...

Ken Berner
Feb-05-2004, 9:00pm
Scotti, as a last resort: "Janet's Jug Band".

Feb-08-2004, 8:16am
Here's what we call our little group of Old Timers here in Nova Scotia: The All-Bran Breakfast Bluegrass Band.

diamond ace
Feb-09-2004, 10:38pm
how about the bluegrass holes. lol

Feb-11-2004, 12:05am
Little Peter and the Four-Skins.
Draw in the chicks, and the pervs, and me.

Feb-11-2004, 12:51pm
diamond ace suggested "the bluegrass holes", but I feel compelled to point out its similarity to the name of my friends' band in Maine: The Grassholes. I'm not making this up. They have a regular gig at Silly's restaurant in Portland.

Feb-12-2004, 8:12pm
B Natural
The G Strings
Stubby and the Long Necks
Atkins and the Low Carbs
Swing and the Beats
The Swinging Beatniks
LOL and the Jokes
Nothing Happens
Stuff Happens
Press and the Wrinkles
Wanderin' and the Lost
Gravel and Screech
Screech and the High Tones
Shake and the Quakes



Feb-13-2004, 12:28am
I thought of about a dozen more but I really liked:
Cattail and the Rockers


Bobby Brite
Feb-13-2004, 1:10pm
What about ALTER CRICKET!! Thats a great name.

Feb-14-2004, 4:04pm
I like Stone Road. Sounds like it has a history already. Implications of all the bluegrass stories past with " we're still walk'n it" thing goin on. Scotti if you do not want it can I use it?

Thanks, Frank

Scotti Adams
Feb-15-2004, 8:06am
..sure Frank..its all yours.....thats actually the name of the road I live on..

Dan Cole
Jul-09-2004, 12:10pm
How about "Buster Hymen and the Penetrators? or is that already a band?

Dan Cole
Jul-09-2004, 12:13pm
Never mind, A quick search and thats an established Rock/Alternative band. Get a load of the member's names:
Buster Hymen - Lead Vocals, Drunken Ramblings
12 Inch Nick - Guitar, Girly Yells
Whorey Corey - Bass, Bad Backups
Spike The Impaler - Drums, Orgasmic Facial Expressions

Scotti Adams
Jul-09-2004, 2:42pm
..for some reason this doesnt suprise me http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Jul-09-2004, 2:51pm
I actually think it is very disgusting and absolutely disrespectful! And I am not even a female!

Jul-09-2004, 2:51pm
But.....it doesn't surprise me either Scotti!

Jul-09-2004, 3:41pm
Ned Narley and the Nine Nasty Nosepickers.

Of course you would have to expand the band to the same size as Kentucky Thunder.


Chinese Eyed and The Foggy Bong Water Boys? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Jul-09-2004, 3:47pm
http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

diamond ace
Jul-10-2004, 5:52pm
you can stop looking i've got it!!!!!!!!!!


Jul-10-2004, 6:51pm
Cubs Lose, Cubs Lose
I resemble That remark!!! #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Ive always thought of calling a band "Speed Limit" I think its rather cacthy http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif
Lets see:
Ethical Pickers
(or!) Un-Ethical Pickers
The Logical Few
Wrong Way
Forever Enduring
Classy Clickers
The Flat Tires
The Pickin' Wonders
Rest Assured
Bells and Whistles

Ok Im just making these up as I go, yes i know, they suck. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

jim simpson
Jul-10-2004, 8:21pm
Bands I've been in, honest!
Black Cat Stray, Country Fresh, Togary Mountain Boys, Blackberry Blossom, Sugar Free, Culture Shock,
Suburban Legend, Trevor and The Tremblers, Haywire, Choppin' Wood