View Full Version : Rose of San Antone TAB?

Dec-20-2004, 11:39am
I've been spending all my time listening to Asleep at the Wheel recently, and now I've just got to play myself some Bob Wills!
I found one tab for Rose of San Antone (or San Antonio Rose) in the Mandozine TablEdit files, but it's a really heavily embellished solo break, not just the melody. Does anybody have the basic melody in a TAB?
I'm going to buy the Bob Wills songbook I found on the Elderly site, but TAB would be a lot easier and quicker for me right now.
Thanks folks and have a great generic winter holiday!

Martin Jonas
Dec-20-2004, 2:56pm
Yes, it's in both standard notation and mando tabs (and banjo, dobro and guitar tabs, too) at Jay Buckey's (http://www.jaybuckey.com/free_tablature.htm) site. The direct link to the PDF of the mando tab is here (http://www.jaybuckey.com/San%20Antonio%20Rose%20(Mandolin).pdf), standard notation is here (http://www.jaybuckey.com/San%20Antonio%20Rose%20(Fiddle).pdf).

I play this version quite a lot: it's the straight melody line, good fun, not too hard to play, but has that Bob Wills swing going.


Dec-20-2004, 7:10pm
Wow. Seek and ye shall find!
I love the internet. This is why I never got any good at playing the guitar or mandolin about 20 or 30 years ago. I just couldn't find the music that *I* wanted to play. Music is all around, but if it's not the stuff you have a real gut feeling about, you (or I should say, I) just won't apply myself to put the time into practice.
Of course, I'm still no good, but I have a ton more fun. Thanks so much Martin and Merry Christmas (or whatever)!
Playing a $65 pawnshop Harmony, but thinking about a little Christmas present for myself...