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Feb-20-2004, 2:39pm
I will be working in Greenville, SC for a couple weeks and need my bluegrass fix. #Anyone know what is happening in the Greenville, SC area during the week?

Thanks, Carp

Russ Jordan
Feb-20-2004, 3:50pm
There's a bluegrass jam at the Handlebar on Tues evenings. The Handlebar is a bar/restaurant/listening room in Greenville.

Feb-21-2004, 1:53am
My band is playin at Gottrocks on Fri night 3/5 in Greenville...no opener, but we wont go on till at least 11pm...definately not all straight up Bluegrass but we do many traditional tunes and some grass originals with some tasty covers...all done with mando, fiddle, guitar, and bass...check out our website and listen to a few off our download page, plus I have some streaming(Wayfaring Stranger)on the main page, come say hi if you make it out....Trip

Stranger String Band (http://www.strangerstringband.com)

Feb-21-2004, 6:17am
There will be a guitar/instrument show in Spartenburg next weekend. #If you want to check out some nice instruments. #Warning, It has been known to cause MAS to kick in.